Hoverboard 360 Smart Balance, 2.0, and XL Reviews


Hoverboard 360 XL Review

Are you looking for a Hoverboard 360 review?

If so it is a good thing you are doing your research. Otherwise you may have ended up being ripped off by this company.

These are the stats for the Electric Standing Scooters we are referring to:

NameAvailable ColorsDiameter of WheelsCharging Time
Hoverboard 360 - Smart Balance, XL, Chrome, 2.0, Bluetooth White, Multi, Pink, Gold, Red, Black, Blue, Green, Blue Plated Chrome, Gold Plated Chrome, Platinum Plated Chrome, Carbon Fiber, Mahogany, Graffiti Regular - 6.5" 2.0 - 8" XL - 10" 2-3 Hours
Maximum SpeedRangeWeight LimitItem Weight
12 mph 8-12 miles 265 lbs (120 kg) 27.5 lbs (10 kg)


In this industry the huge array of fake knock off hoverboard companies is so large that we couldn’t possibly give a bad review on all of them. Usually we only give positive reviews on the best products because we don’t want to waste your time reading long articles about something you shouldn’t buy anyway.

We feel like the best strategy is to focus on reputable electric standing scooter companies that are:

  1. Safe
  2. Have reliable customer service
  3. And that make good quality products you can rely on


Unfortunately most brands we come across don’t meet that standard. We try not to focus on those. For reviews on the best hoverboards to buy for 2016 click the button below: Click To Go To Hoverboard Brand Review Section

When it comes to Hoverboard 360 we find that for some reason an enormous amount of people are searching every month for this brand. Maybe it’s because they got popular due to a wide range of choices for unique styles, colors, and features. Regardless it seems a lot of people are getting ripped off by a company that couldn’t keep up with the demand.

As for the intentions of the company owners we don’t know what they really plan on doing at this point in time.

What we do know are the things happening to people dealing with them. We would like to share that information with you as an informed consumer.


First Let’s Talk About What Happens When You Try To Contact The Hoverboard 360 company – Customer Service

Here is what we experienced (and what many other people are reporting to experience when they try to contact the company):

  1. You call the company phone number found on the website which is 646-690-0298
  2. The phone rings. A recording answers the phone which thanks you for calling and says that they are “experiencing higher than usual call volume”.
  3. The recording then says that you will have to hold for the next customer service rep.
  4. After several moments the recording comes back online and tells you that “the party is currently unavailable to take your call, please call again later”.
  5. It then says that the “mailbox is full” and hangs up!

Hoverboard 360 bad customer service

So they give you no opportunity to leave a message, or in any way talk to someone from the company. This is obviously done on purpose because it has been this way for months. They say to call back later. But no matter how many times you call back (or when you call )the same thing happens – you get shut down.

Also their is no response to emails and no Hoverboard 360 return address listed either. So you can’t  write them through the mail or return your defective items.

Hundreds of people are reporting they bought products from Hoverboard 360 and received defective merchandise that was either damaged, was not working at all, or was the wrong item.

When you try to contact the company either by email or phone they NEVER reply.

The companies Facebook page under the username hoverboard360 is flooded with angry customer complaints. Instead of replying to those comments it seems the company was at first trying to delete hundreds of these daily on the Facebook page, but then gave up because they just kept coming in.

Normally if you can’t get a hold of a company for a few days (maybe due to some unusual circumstances) that would be understandable. But when you have hundreds of customers being ignored for months at a time it is most certainly not acceptable and not a company you should want to deal with.

This seems this situation has been going on since at least November 2015. Literally hundreds and hundreds of complaints are posted online in social media, message boards, scam reporting sites, and review sites. And still none of those customers have been helped or taken care of.

They are not selling hoverboards anymore

Also they claim on the website everything is “out of stock” for the products listed on the website.

Here is our best guess on what we think happened and what the evidence seems to point to on why this company has crashed:

  • Right around Christmas time they experienced an enormous influx of orders.
  • They then quickly ran out of stock.
  • Instead of NOT taking any more orders the company continued to process orders and charging credit cards while knowing full well they would have to order more from Hong Kong and that the items would not reach customers on time.
  • Ordering more stock would mean they have to go through customs and could therefore take weeks or months to get them shipped.
  • After that people started complaining they were not going to get their items in time for Christmas.
  • This resulted in a massive backlash from customers blowing their phone and email up with angry demands about the products they bought and never received.
  • Their response was to ignore the customers and wait for the new stock to come in, hoping they could just buy time until then.
  • They didn’t seem to account for the chargebacks that would soon occur from PayPal and credit card companies. Within a couple of weeks the massive chargebacks started to come in, along with the chargeback fees.
  • The final result is that the company seems to have crashed and is no longer in business.
  • They are only pretending to be in business so that they can avoid any more of the chargebacks and law suits.
Fading Away
Hoverboard 360 Seems to be Fading Away

Of course this is all an educated best guess about exactly what happened. It seems the most likely scenario given the massive amount of circumstantial evidence we have and what everyone is reporting.

Three things are for certain:

  1. You cannot contact them (they ignore you)
  2. They are not selling products now.
  3. The situation has remained this way for several months now

If that is not the definition of going out of business then I don’t know what is.

Our advice is TO STAY FAR AWAY.

In light of all of the above “red flags” we have no choice but to give the worst possible rating to this company.

Not only do they have issues with delivering damaged or defective products, but they have a MAJOR problem with their customer service. It is basically non-existent.

In addition to that they don’t seem to comply with new government mandated UL safety standards which certify the entire standing scooter, not just the charger and battery pack. Therefore you CANNOT be sure about the safety and fire hazard or explosion potential. Perhaps that new name we should give it is Hoverboard 360 fire hazard.

In any case we invite you to visit our Best Hoverboards to Buy page for reviews on the hottest hoverboards ratings for 2016. Our recommendations are based on our extensive safety and quality checks rating system.


Hoveroard 360

Hoveroard 360










          • A lot of color options
          • Several models to choose from
          • Different wheel sizes
          • Lot of extra features like Bluetooth


          • Zero customer service
          • Poor quality construction
          • Does not have government required UL safety certifications
          • Seems to have gone out of business
          • Hundreds of customer complaints
          • We recommend you stay away!
          • Refuses to respond to customers
          • Is not truthful with customers

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