Safe UL 2272 Certified Hoverboards Hitting The Market

No More Hoverbaord Explode


We are thrilled with so many new hoverboards hitting stores that are finally UL 2272 safety certified. Such as the Ninebot Mini Pro N3M320 model. This is great news for the industry and for consumers alike. Many more are set to hit the market soon. Such as the Razor Hovertrax  that has the UL 2272 certificate, but is not yet back on the market.

The UL 2272 standard is amazing news for hoverboard lovers because it will transform the industry into a market with safer better products for everyone. These new UL 2272 safety standards will allow the sale of quality standing scooters to finally move forward. We no longer have to worry about which ones are safe or unsafe. We no longer have to worry about fake Samsung battery labels, or fake UL battery certification labeling on counterfeit scooters.

The new standard is simple and easy for everyone. All you have to know now is if it’s not tested for and passed UL 2272 classification don’t buy it. The equation is as simple as that.

As we previously reported for February 2016 the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has declared that Consumer Product Safety Commission Hoverboardshoverboards are not safe unless they have the proper UL 2272 fire safety certifications. And although we are a hoverboard review site we don’t believe this was an unfair declaration at all. In fact we agree with it 100%. We don’t endorse any hoverboard scooters that are not tested and safety certified.

Unfortunately many people then and now still continue to ignore that warning. They keep buying cheap garbage unsafe ticking time bombs that often times explode in their homes. As a result a hoverboard recall for over 500,000 scooters has been issued recently as a precaution.

As most people are already well aware, many hoverboards have indeed been experiencing safety issues since they were launched into the market. These issues understandably have caused a lot of fear and uncertainty for people in general. In fact, several major airlines in the United States, as well as the US Postal Service, have declined to ship the items because they have deemed them unsafe for transport.

Growing Popularity Of Hoverboards Contributed To Safety Problems

One major part of the problem has been the growing popularity. In fact people want and love them so much they just keep buying them no matter what warnings are issued. In case you don’t know, hoverboards (and other similar battery powered devices) came out as the hottest form of trendy transportation. They are not like skateboards or any other type of wheeled traveling device that has existed up to this time.

These 2 wheel scooter gadgets are much different because of the intuitive unique controls that make the board feel like an extension of your own body. It is the closest feeling to being able to control something with your own mind. Also the way they might appear to glide from a distance makes them unlike anything else people were used to seeing. They can sometimes look like they are hovering above the ground from far off. But it’s not all just for fun. People are using them to get around town, to go to work and back, or for any type of short-destination traveling.

We can see a lot of different reasons contributing to why people like them so much. Some of the main reasons mightStanding scooter freedom be due to their convenience, a feeling of unique freedom, and new exciting experiences. Regardless of the reasons one thing we know for sure is that the popularity of them has literally exploded overnight. In less than a year it has become one of the fastest growing trends ever in the history of the world. This is not an understatement or exaggeration. The industry has sold over a billion dollars worth of hoverboards in less than one year. And that is from an industry that didn’t even exist the year before!

If people want something bad enough no amount of danger or safety warnings are going to deter them. So the only solution is to remove the bad apples and start making safer scooters available to the population.

Well that is exactly what is currently happening with UL 2272.

UL 2272 certified hoverboards Released

In May 2016, the first UL 2722 certified hoverboards were released after many months of testing. But they didn’t hit markets right away. Then in June the first UL 2272 hoverboard (the Ninebot Mini N3M320) went on sale as a  pre-order item in late June 2016. The first ones sold on Amazon were then shipped out on July 1st.

Now the great news for July is more and more UL certified models are hitting stores, including Amazon, which banned them for the second time back in late February. The Ninebot Mini Pro N3M320 model was the first UL 2272 certified hoverboard that went on sale. But it wasn’t the last.


What Exactly is a UL Certified Hoverboard?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratory.  UL is a global science safety institution that inspects, tests, and issues safety certifications for different products. They are a globally trusted scientific safety organization which means that you can take their certification pretty seriously. So long as a manufacturer, retailer, or supplier complies by this certification you can trust that any hoverboard displaying the holographic UL 2272 seal will not present any safety issues due to defects or design malfunctions (such as bursting into flames).

UL 2272 official seal

**It is very important to note that the UL 2272 safety certification doesn’t deal with safety issues caused by having accidents with the board while riding. Hoverboard riders have to take precautions for safe riding and balance. If you are on a road and ride into oncoming traffic for example no certification will protect you. If you don’t have good balance you need to get that right before you can safely ride a self balancing board.

Again we would like to stress that you can identify UL 2272 certification by the holographic image seal and Enhanced Mark on the product itself. For your convenience that image is posted just above so you know what to look for.


How Has UL 2272 This Effected Sales So Far?

As we have already mentioned, hoverboards were exploding onto the transport (and fun) scene as soon as they were released. They quickly became a fan favorite. But as they began to gradually catch fire the bad press started to follow soon after. Finally it took hold of the industry. First it was a trickle. Then it was a flood of bad press coming from every major news outlet. It only got worse as the months went by with bad press syndicating on the internet and social media. It didn’t take long for that bad press to overshadow any good quality hoverboards that were not exploding.

So although the well made hoverboards were pretty safe and well made, the bad apples spoiled it for the whole bunch. Soon all of the brands were seen as a fire hazard and were banned altogether from certain public places retail stores, and campuses.

In the end the safety fears had a very negative affect on sales for the past several months – almost bringing them to a halt. Most major stores ended up removed them. After that it was hard to find reputable places to buy them. Also people found it hard to trust the ones that were for sale. That they would not burst into flames.

All that has changed dramatically now. Now with the laboratory UL 2272 safety tested hoverboards hitting the market we are seeing those trends starting to reverse. We are seeing upward trends in the amount of people searching for places to buy them. We are seeing some major big box retail stores starting to sell UL 2272 models. And we are seeing a lot more positive press about all that is happening.


The Industry Is Evolving For The Better With UL 2272 Leading The Way

The truth is – when the trendy little scooters were first introduced to the market they were in general far less safe than they are now. You can finally sleep tight at night knowing your hoverboard won’t explode! Your dream hoverboard shouldn’t be a nightmare! The nightmare is over.

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