Saturday Night Live Gets in on The Hoverboard Craze

SNL Hoverboard

It’s interesting how things can get out of control so quickly with a little bad publicity. Right around the time when we started seeing hoverboard fires in December 2015 was the same time we started seeing a lot of dis-information and exaggerations.

As soon as something goes mainstream you can be sure it will be subjected to being scrutinized from every possible angle. Every flaw or minor imperfection will be analyzed and picked apart with a microscope. Now with something like hoverboard explosions this escalates it much more. If some models are unsafe people automatically assume ALL of them are unsafe. This is being fueled in part by inaccurate mainstream reports and stories.

I have not seen anything more exaggerated about hoverboard explosions and safety than this skit from Saturday Night Live:

Although the skit was extremely funny to me it was non-the less totally exaggerated and untrue. It is unfortunate that many people will be watching things like this and believing they are accurate.

The skit stated that hoverboards were all using lithium-ion batters that were for 1990s cell phone batteries. I get the joke and it was funny. But that is obviously not true.

Also the skit said that hoverboards were not being sold on Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. Again that is not true.

A lot of things in that video were way out there and made up. So enjoy the video because it really was funny, but please don’t take it seriously.

With new regulations being put in place hoverboards are getting safer and safer. We always strive to find the best safest, and highest quality hoverboards to review.


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