Ninebot Mini Pro – First Hoverboard Certified Under UL 2272 Safety Standards

UL 2272 official seal


With all the hoverboard fires and explosions going on we have  been eagerly awaiting the release of the first scooter to be certified under the new UL 2272 safety standards for several months. Something had to be done to stop the madness, along with all of the scam artists and fake knockoff hoverboards being sold to unsuspecting victims.

Literally every day in the news we have been reading reports of faulty hoverboard chargers and batteries combusting in people’s homes and buildings. So far millions of dollars’ worth of damage and loss of property has occurred because of these hoverboard fires.

As we reported back in February 2016 – in response to all this the US federal government (under the Consumer Products Safety Commission or CSPC), set new safety standard requirements regarding electric standing scooters sold in the US. All products not conforming to the new standards will be considered by the government to be an imminent hazard and subject to confiscations and forced recalls. Those selling them are subject to civil and even criminal prosecution.

Part of the new requirement was for hoverboard companies to apply for the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 2272 fire safety certification. This is different from having just some parts (like the battery and charger) inside the device that are UL certified. Instead the new UL 2272 classification applies to the entire electrical system of the hoverboard. ALL electrical parts in the system have to be stringently tested and retested to pass the certification.


UL 2272 Certification is an Expensive Long Process

Unfortunately all this testing inside UL laboratories takes a very large infrastructure with a lot of staff and expensive equipment. That translates into a big price tag to get the UL 2272 certification. Most hoverboard companies were startup companies. They may have only been in business for a short time. Therefore most of them will not have the funds to get certified. We assume many of them will go out of business in the US.

It seems the only companies who will be able to afford it are the big players. This could include some of the bestselling brands who made out well during the boom. It will undoubtedly also include the largest most established scooter companies who have been around for years. Obviously Ninebot and Segway are two of those larger companies who had the funds. Then we have just a few other players we assume will be certified soon. When that happens will report back.

In the meantime Ninebot Mini Pro is the only circus in town.

Nini Segway Electric Scooter front view

According to the research we did on the process of UL certification, it can take 2+ months to complete. We spoke to UL and they told us several companies have applied for 2272 certification. And more will be coming out this month. The ones that submitted products back in February are now finalizing the process.


We Only Promote Quality Safe Products

This is exciting for us here at Hoverboards Electric and for the entire hoverboard industry. Because our priority is always to promote ONLY safe products. It has been hard finding safe high quality products to recommend. Our standards are very high.

Unfortunately a lot of hoverboards are junk and you shouldn’t buy them because they are a fire hazard.  We have been holding off on reviewing any more 2 wheel standing scooters until they passed UL 2272 certification. We anticipate we will have more to review very soon.

Most hoverboad review sites you see on the internet are promoting dangerous faulty products to unsuspecting people. We think it is shameful, greedy, and just plain lazy. They don’t want to do the research to find out if it is actually safe.

From the research we did on the Ninebot Mini scooter, and having called Segway, they notified us that Ninebot Mini Pro (model number N3M320) would receive the UL 2272 certificate within days. In fact several days ago we wrote an extensive Ninebot Mini Review with an entire section devoted to UL 2272. In it we recommend that people NOT buy it yet until it was UL 2272 certified and stated that we would update the page when the certification was released. You can see that we did just that.




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