Mark Cuban’s New Radical Hoverboard Design is Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen

Radical MOOV Hoverboard by Mark Cuban


Remember Mark Cuban bursting onto the hoverboard scene for a brief period? It was like he barged open the doors and yelled “I’m here!”. But then he suddenly disappeared as fast as he appeared. It was a very odd development to say the least.

You might know Mark Cuban as the investor billionaire and one of the stars of the popular American TV show Shark Tank.

We thought he had thrown in the towel and gave up on hoverboards altogether as one of the casualties of the hoverboard patent wars.  But that is apparently not the case. We were pleasantly surprised to find instead that he retreated into the background so he could develop an all new hoverboard technology which is unlike anything you have ever seen.

He is back in the game now with his brand new, totally uniquely designed, 2 wheel gliding scooter called Radical MOOV. You can’t buy it yet but it is being released soon. But the name is accurate. It certainly is a radical departure from your typical standing scooter hoverboard.

Radical Moov no center swivel for turning

At first glance you might think it is kind of weird. Especially the way it looks in comparison to any other standing scooter. With its super thin completely straight one piece monolithic looking design you might think to yourself, “how the heck can you even turn this thing?”

But looks can be deceiving. In fact you might be pleasantly surprised to find that the one piece construction and leaning technology gives the ride an all new feel that is much more like a stable skateboard or snowboard. Instead of twisting your feet to turn it, you lean and glide into turns like you do on a traditional type of board. This gives the experience of a much more stable and controlled ride.


Mark Cuban is Back in the Hoverboard Game

Mark Cuban might be considered by some as one of the main people responsible for accelerating the hoverboard craze which started back in early 2015.

Mark Cuban is back in the hoverboard game


Cuban partnered with the original inventor of the classic Hovertrax patented design Mr. Shane Chen. At the time Shane Chen owned the patent for his Hovertrax scooter, which he then licensed to Mark Cuban. This gave Mark legal rights to the patent.

After that is when the hoveroard patent wars started to heat up due in part to Mark Cuban’s legal actions against those who he said were infringing on the Hovertax patent. Eventually though the rights to Shane Chen’s patent was transfered to the Razor scooter company who ended up purchasing the original patent from Chen. The product that resulted from that is the Razor Hovertrax that many of you may be familiar with.

We thought Mark Cuban had given up on hoverboards forever when he relinquished his rights to the patent. It seemed at the time that he had had enough of the craziness of the hoverboard world and all the exploding disasters that were coming on the scene from China.

There were some rumors back in March of a new hoverboard he was designing, but not much more on it. It turns out he was instead working behind the scenes on a product that has no resemblance to Chen’s patent design. This radical new scooter product is almost ready for release.

The board looks so different that we initially had no idea how you could even turn such a board. Watch the video below to see how it works.


 Mark Cuban’s New Hoverboard Price Won’t Come Cheap

In case you think you are going to be able to grab this board for the same prices you are used to – think again. This scooter will be the most expensive 2 wheeled self-balancing scooter brought to the market. The launch price is said to be $1300.

The scooter is manufactured in Texas with materials that don’t come cheap. Instead of the traditional plastic shell you see on most hoverboards, the body will be composed of a strong fire proof aluminum.

Also the battery and entire scooter will be safety tested and certified with the UL certification standard for hoverobards.

If you’re not willing to drop that kind of cash you can always check out our other great  UL 2272 certified hoverboard reviews that are much more affordable. But if you are one of those people who want to try the latest and greatest new gadgets you might want to keep an eye out for Mark Cuban’s new radical hoverboard when it becomes available.

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