500,000 Unsafe Hoverboards Recalled

Unsafe Hoverboard scooters recalled

10 major hoverboards companies have now recalled 500,000 hoverboards sold over the last few months. This was due to the possibility that certain models might not be safe because they don’t have UL 2272 fire safety certification.

If you bought a hoverboard in the past from anyone of these companies you should return them for a full refund, exchange, or repair. Go here for a list of all the recalled hoverboards.

If you are looking to buy a hoverboard that is safe against fire – checkout our best hoverboards to buy for 2016 page. Those are reviews on the best and safest hoverboards to buy so far this year. It is a small list for now because we have not found many hoverboads which we consider safe enough to recommend.

We will be adding several more hoverboards to this list over the next month or so. Keep checking back for more of our safe hoverboard recommendations in the near future! We will only ever recommend hoverboards to buy that are UL 2272 safety tested and certified against fires and explosions.

Once again here at Hoverboards Electric we were ahead of the curve in the correct advice we gave in our articles about buying certain electric scooter hoverboards. In contrast most all other hoverboard review sites were (and still are) promoting and encouraging people to buy unsafe time bombs from small e-commerce stores on the internet.

Our advice then was the same as it is now: “When it comes to 2 wheeled self-balancing hoverboards DO NOT BUY ANY HOVERBOARD THAT IS NOT UL 2272 CERTIFIED! PERIOD!”

Many people ignored this warning and continue to look for the best cheap hoverboard deals. They insist on buying based on the lowest prices – instead of the safest scooters. Unfortunately for them they had to reap the consequences of those actions when many of those same cheap hoverboards exploded and caught fire. This has resulted in millions of dollars’ worth of property damage in the United States alone.

You will notice in the list of recalled hoverboards that some major name brands have issued recalls. We would not go so far as to call those cheap.Those products were recalled not because they were catching fire, but as a precaution from reputable companies who would rather lose money than be responsible for a potential safety hazard. Most are companies who have now been issued UL 2272 certifications for the new models of hoverboards. To preserve their own reputation and trust with the public they have issued voluntary recalls for older none certified scooters. We think this is great news.

This includes Razor Hovertrax and Powerboard. We have reviews for both those hoverboards on this site. For the Powerboard Review we issued a warning not to buy it until the UL 2272 certified models were released. This was after the CSPC banned all non-certified hoverboards.

For the Razor Hovertrax review we did not mention this but they were removed from all stores (so no one could buy one anyway). We knew that Razor would be coming out with a new certified hoverboard model and so left the review page up. Unfortunately it took a lot longer for them to get certified than the time frame the company gave us. We were originally thinking the process would only take several weeks. But it ended up taking several months. But the old saying is true “Good things come to those who wait”.

The good news is both Razor and Powerboard hoverboard scooters are now UL 2272 certified. We personally went and checked on UL’s website and found Razor and Powerboard listed there and having 2272 certification.

A couple of months back we were aware that both Powerboard and Razor hoverboards had applied for the UL certification. And although they have now been issued the certification they are still in the process of producing the new certified models. Once those are released we will notify you via those review pages or through our email list you can sign up for from the box in the sidebar of this page.

You can be sure we will always give you recommendations for the safest products on the market. Hoverboards Electric is quickly becoming the #1 trusted name on the internet for the most truthful and accurate hoverboard and electric powered transportation device reviews found anywhere. We painstakingly research each and every product to make sure it is safe against fires and explosions before giving it a thumbs up. We do all the hard research work for you so you can have the information you need to make the best informed buying decisions.

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