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Powerboard by Hoverboard 2 wheel electric scooter silver chrome


If you are looking for a top to bottom Powerboard by Hoverboard review then search no further. We are going to break open the box to show you what’s inside. This review will cover everything about Powerboard by Hoverboard.

What’s the first thing you should always check for in a hoverboard review?Powerboard by Hoverboard safety informaion

The most important information you need is– SAFETY INFORMAITON on Powerboards

Why is this so important? Before looking at any other considerations you need to know if this 2 wheel electric standing scooter has the potential to explode or burst into flames. If so then nothing else about it really matters.

After all I am sure you don’t want a Powerboard hoverboard catching fire in your house and burning it down. Many people have recently lost their home and all of their possessions due to hoverboard caused fires. I know it is a gruesome thought but the fact is hoverboards are exploding all over the world as I write this. All because they obtained faulty dangerous hoverboards. If you don’t believe me all you have to do is search Google News and you will see stories posted every day about that.

That is why we here at Hoverboards Electric make safety our #1 priority when reviewing products for you. We don’t want to scare you away from good safe hoverboards. But we also don’t want to promote dangerous products that can harm you or your family either.


Powerboard Hoverboard Fire Safety Review

Powerboard by Hoverboard on Amazon was one of the best-selling hoverboards. Why do I say “WAS”? Well there was no Powerboard recall. But unfortunately Amazon removed all hoverboards being sold on its website due to the recent US government mandates requiring the new UL 2272 hoverboard certification.

What is UL 2272? It is testing that requires ALL of the electrical systems and components in a hoverboard be rigorously tested in UL laboratories and then safety certified only after ALL the electrical component are proven to be safe.

Powerboard UL 2272 Safety Certification

This is different from just having one or two UL certified components in the hoverboard (like the Powerboard battery and charger). This is going to be a game changer for the hoverboard industry and amazing for consumers. You will finally be able to have confidence in the safety of hoverboards when you see a UL 2272 stamp of approval.

You are probably wondering by now if Powerboard by Hoverboard is UL 2272 certified. If you are interested in a Powerboard for sale and want to buy one our advice is to hold off for just a little while longer. As of the time of this writing NO hoverboard anywhere has UL 2272 certification. That might be shocking but it’s true.

The good news is that we personally called UL on the phone and spoke to the person in charge of hoverboard certification. She told us that a number of companies have submitted their boards for certification and we should see the first fully certified hoverboards at the end of April 2016 or the beginning of May 2016. I cannot guarantee this but that is what they told us.

The reason no products have the UL 2272 fire safety certification yet is because the new standard was just released a couple of months ago. It takes at least a couple of months of rigorous testing in UL laboratories to make sure the devices electrical system won’t fail.

We also called Powerboard on the phone and they notified us that they are one of the companies that has applied for certification. So we recommend that you hold off purchasing one until the certification is supplied.

We will at that point be able to recommend them as one of the first companies to have been proven to be safe in every way possible against fires. In the mean time you can’t buy Powerboard anywhere. Once we confirm they are certified by contacting UL we will update this article. But since we are pretty confident they will be certified we will post the rest of the review on the pros and cons of Powerboard by Hoverboard including all the features and stats.


Powerboard Specs and Features

NameAvailable ColorsDiameter of WheelsCharging Time
Powerboard by Hoverboard White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, and Chrome 7 inches
(17.78 cm)
Less than 1 hour
Maximum Angle ClimbingRangeWeight LimitWeight
15° Up to 6 hours on a full charge 220 lbs (150 kg) 26.47 lbs (12 kg)


Powerboard Battery Life and Range

Just a few quick comments on the battery and then we will get into the meat and potatoes on the pros and cons of this hoverboard.

As was mentioned in the table above this electric standing 2 wheel scooter contains a Samsung Lithium-ion UL certified battery. Max riding time on a full battery charge is average 6 hours or about 12 miles. However this will vary.

As with all battery powered transportation devices the actual range and riding time will depend on the max speed Powerboard by Hoverboard batteryyou keep it running, your own individual weight, and the slop and terrain you ride on. The steeper the hill is the more energy it will drain from the battery.

You will experience the longest riding time if you are relatively light weight, ride it at a moderate speed, and over smooth flatter ground. The fastest a Powerboard can currently go is about 8 mph (12.87 km/h). But if you run at top speeds all the time you can expect to drain the battery faster. The good news is that it only takes about 2-3 hours to charge so you will be up and riding again fairly quickly in comparison to some other hoverboards which take longer to charge.

Best practice is not to let the battery drain completely to maintain the highest charge capacity. The top of the board contains a battery level light. It will be green if it is charged above 10%. If the charge level drops below that it turns red to indicate you need to charge it. The instruction manual states you should not repeatedly drain the battery below the “low level threshold”. Doing this will eventually lead to not being able to charge it back up to full levels. Or even worse it might get to the point where it won’t charge at all anymore. Many people don’t read the instruction manual and abuse the hoverboard. Then they go online and give a negative review saying that it broke. This is true of all lithium-ion powered devices. Knowing this will help you keep a much better battery life for longer.

The user manual also states that you should not operate the device below 5 °F (-15°C) or above 122 °F (50°C). If that happens you risk damaging the battery. Although you will probably never be in temperatures hotter than 122 °F (50°C) it is likely many people in the northern hemisphere can have some very cold weather in the winter time below 5 °F (-15°C). Do not try to ride the hoverboard in temperatures below this because it can result in battery damage and malfunctioning. In fact we checked Amazon for reviews on Powerboard by Hoverboard and read about some people experiencing malfunctions related to what we just discussed above. They were unaware they caused the problem by not following what was laid out in the user manual. Always read the user manual no matter what hoverboard you buy.

Also do not store your hoverboard in tempretures anything outside 5 °F – 122 °F (-15°C – 50°C) as it may damage the battery. For example a hot car in the sun with the windows up can get well above 122°F. Do not store a Powerboard in a hot or cold car. This can damage the battery.

Ok so now it is time to get more into this review to talk about what we really like and don’t like about it. Keep reading below for the scoop.


What We Like About Powerboard by Hoverboard (The Pros)

We Like the Big Selection of Colors

Out of all the hoverboards on the market Powerboard is one of the most stylish. It comes in an array of glossy dazzling colors. The Powerboard comes in Blue, Red, White, Black, Green, Pink, Chrome, and Chrome Gold. We love the shiny finish that looks like polished showroom car paint. It makes the scooter look like the sports car of hoverboards. If you like your hoverboard looking sharp this is one of the best brands for that.

Powerboard colors black , white, red, blue, pink

Handy Stylish LED Indicator Lights

We also love the left and right LED indicator lights which come in handy when riding in areas with poor lighting. The light will respond to the side of the board you apply pressure on showing where you are applying pressure. When you put pressure of a side the LED light on that side will turn on. Even better the LED lights double to give the board a more of a futuristic cool look.Powerboard by Hoverboard Chrome Gold Color LED Lights


Smooth, Fun, and Responsive Ride

The Powerboard ride feels very sturdy, smooth, and responsive. It is not a high performance adrenaline experience. But the 8 mph (12.87 km/h) can actually feel pretty fast to most people. Especially for beginners who might not be able to handle going any faster. It is an easy way to glide along effortlessly having a new and fun experience. Basically it is a fun board to ride overall.

The smart balance pressure sensitive sensors allow you to control it like it is an extension of your own body. It is very close to the feeling of thinking where you want to go and traveling there effortlessly and automatically. That is why people love hoverboards so much. It is a unique feeling of freedom you have never felt before. So it is not about the speed so much as the feeling of connection and ease of travel. It’s a super fun feeling.

If you are looking for speed and speed alone this hoverboard (or any 2 wheel electric scooter) might not be for you. Hoverboards in general are not super-fast. If you are an adrenaline junky and want to look for something a lot faster check out our best one wheel electric unicycle scooter reviews or our best electric skateboard reviews.


Powerboard Has US Based Customer Service

Nothing is worse or more frustrating than buying a product from a company and then not being able to get a hold of someone competent to talk to when problems arise. Even worse not being able to get a hold of anyone at all. Like with the Hoverboard 360 company that went out of business. People have all kinds of nightmare stories about companies like that who suddenly disappear and don’t provide any support at all.

We are happy to say that is not the case with Powerboard. We have called them on the phone personally many times and asked all types of questions. One of the best ways to gauge a company’s customer service is to give them a call BEFORE you buy. We always do. Powerboard customer service is always friendly and helpful. They always try to answer every question as best they can. So for this Powerboard review we give the highest possible rating for customer service.

Powerboard Customer Service Review

Powerboard is a US Based Company

This is mostly a pro for people living in the US. Because the company is based in the US they have warehouses in the US and can ship quickly to any part of the country (within 2-3 days for most of the country).

Unfortunately the last time we checked they only ship to the US. So if you live outside of the US you will have to use a service like vPost or Shipito which will get your items to you quick and easy for an additional small fee.


Powerboard by Hoverboard in the box


Powerboard Price

The price is one of our favorite things about this electric scooter. It is priced at half the cost of other similar hoveroards that look the same and have many of the same features. So you won’t need to go looking or a Powerboard discount code or coupon.

If you are looking for a moderately priced decent quality hoverboard Powerboard is one of the best choices. Currently the black, white, gold chrome, and blue colors are priced at about $399. The red is about $379. The green and pink is about $449. And the silver chrome is priced at about $499.

Powerboard Great Price

All Powerboards Come Standard with a 1 Year Warranty

The 1 year standard warranty covers manufactures defects so you don’t have to worry about anything breaking and Powerboard 1 year standard warrantylosing your money. In the rare event something does malfunction due to manufacture defects (which we have not be able to find any reports on) customer service is very helpful in helping you with issues that arise.

You can also purchase an optional extended 2 or 3 year extended warranty service plan called PowerProtect that will cover the standard manufacturers defect as well as coverage for accidental damage and loss of battery power over 20%. 2 year protection is currently listed at $99.95 and a 3 year plan is listed at $139.95. All warranties begin at the date of purchase.



What We Don’t Like About Powerboard by Hoverboard (The Cons)


It is Not Waterproof or Water Resistant

The user manual for Powerboard states you should not expose it to any kind of water. You should not ride it outside in wet weather or through puddles. It is evident that many people never read the user manual and try to take it outside in the rain anyway. Then when it breaks because they abused it they go and write a negative review on Amazon. Although we don’t like the fact that it is not water proof if you treat it right it should last for a long time.

Not Waterproof

You have to Calibrate It

As with most hoverboards you can have calibration issues either when you first buy it or if you took a tumble, threw it out of whack, or rolled it over in some way.

Calibration simply means that you place the board level. Once it is level you push the power button for 5 seconds to tell the computer it is level. That will calibrate it correctly and you are good to go. If it is not calibrated you can experience violent shaking and/or loss of control. Or the board might not move at all if it is not calibrated. Wel read reviews on Amazon about this kind of shaking where people didn’t know the cause and send it back.

Many people have mistakenly thought the board was broken when this happened because they didn’t understand that it has to be calibrated. You will eventually at some point have to do this. Powerboard customer service is very helpful in this regard if you can’t figure it out. But it is a major negative factor for many people who actually go as far as the send the board back. Little did they know you can usually fix this problem within 5 seconds.


The Plastic Can Scratch Easy

As with most all hoverboards the plastic is durable against impact but it scratches easy. The bottom especially has the tendency to get scratched. That is why you can buy replacement shells that are sold cheap. They are easy to snap into place for a brand new look. But it is still a pain to get it scratched up.


Top Speed is a Little Lower

We don’t like that the top speed is a little slower than other similar hoverdoards. But the slower speed is made up for in the lower price. For more speed you could pay twice the price. Also faster boards tend to drain that battery more. So this could be a good or a bad point depending on how you look at it.


Some Colors Cost More

We don’t like that some of the colors cost hundreds of dollars more just to get the color you want. Most of the colors have close to the same prices. But 1 or 2 of the colors cost significantly more. We understand the reason for this is simple supply and demand. In other words if people order less of any one color they won’t need to order as many of those from the factory. Therefore they won’t get the same bulk rates. This is not really that big of a deal but it is a bummer for some people who have their heart set on a color that is too expensive for them personally buy.


The Final Verdict on This Powerboard by Hoverboard Review

Overall when you take the pros and cons together and compare Powerboard to other similar products we conclude that:

This is a moderately priced hoverboard this is made of quality materials, has a good 1 year warranty, rides smooth, is easy to control, has great customer service, and we can’t seem to find any real reports of manufactures defects or malfunctions.

All the reviews we read on Amazon and other sites were describing problems that seemed to be related more to abusing the board or not knowing how to properly calibrate it. We could not find any reports of major malfunctions or bad customer service.

We did find a few complaints about people having received the wrong products over the hectic Christmas holiday but that does not seem to be the normal way the company operates.

Also we can’t find any reports that this hoverboard caused any fires or explosions. However we cannot recommend this hoverboard yet until we have proof of its UL 2272 certification which it should have soon according to what we were told by both UL and Powerboard by Hoverboard over the phone. Once we see the UL 2272 we will give our seal of approval and recommend it.

Powerboard by Hoverboard

Powerboard by Hoverboard









          Customer Service



            • Samsung UL Certified Battery
            • Great Variety of Color Selections to Choose From
            • Amazing Looking Hoverboard
            • Stylish LED Indicator Lights
            • US Based Company
            • US Based Excellent Responsive Customer Service
            • Charges Fast
            • Comes With 1 Year Warranty
            • Solid Construction and Rides Well
            • Powerboard is The Best Priced Hoverboard


            • Not Currenty UL 2272 Certified
            • Not Shipped Outside US
            • Top Speed a Little Lower
            • Plastic Can Scratch
            • Some Colors Cost More
            • Like All Hoverboards You Have to Calibrate it

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