Segway Ninebot Mini Pro Self-Balancing Scooter Review


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Ninebot Mini Pro electric self-balancing scooter is a product you may have heard about or are interested in buying. Like all of our reviews on the site this article is one of the most comprehensive resources on the Mini Ninebot you will find anywhere on the net.

When this product was first introduced to the market it was one of the only safety certified self balancing scooters. Since that time many more similar products have been launched. For your convenience we have added a comparison chart of the Ninebot Mini colors, as well as other Ninebot scooters, and other similar products many people liked Ninebot Mini were interested in. Click the image or text links in the chart to see more information on each product. Below the chart is the rest of the review for the Segway Ninebot Mini.

Segway Ninebot Mini Product Comparison Chart

Image LinkProduct NameColorList PriceSize
Segway Ninebot miniPRO  (Black)Black$$$★★★★★
Segway Ninebot miniPRO (White)White$$$★★★★★
Segway Ninebot MINIPRO Control HandlebarBlack$$★★★★★
AW – S3 – 520WH – two wheels White$$$$★★★★★
Segway Ninebot One S1White$$$★★★★★
Ninebot One C+ UnicycleWhite$$$★★★★★
EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter UL2272 CertifiedSpace Grey$$$$★★★★★
Ninebot Anti-dust Bag Fit Models C C+ E E+Silver$★★★★★
SWAGTRON T5 HoverboardBlack$$★★★★★
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 HoverboardBlack$$$★★★★★


UL 2272 is the new government mandated safety standard for hoverboards (or 2 wheel hands free electric standing scooters). Although Ninebot Mini is not really like a typical hoverboard we suspect the government classifies it as such.

Update 5/10/2016:
Great news. Ninebot Mini Pro Model N3M320 is the first hoverboard ever in the world to receive the new UL 2272 certification! You can now have confidence that this is the safest hoverboad on the market. Click Here to go to UL’s data base as proof of the safety certification. Under the “Company Name” field type in “Ninebot” and you will see the documentation of the certification.


Ninebot Mini – Where to Buy The New Model

Update 6/1/2016:

You can now order Ninebot Mini on Amazon. Amazon confirmed the scooter is being sold and released directly from the manufacturer and so is covered by the full product warranty. Amazon is one of the best places to get Ninebot Mini Pro because you get it sold direct from the manufacturer at the best price. Click the button below to get it:

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If you are wondering where to buy the Ninebot Mini keep reading below for an explanation about all this. It’s important where you buy it because that affects how it will be serviced by the warranty (should you ever need it).

This could be confusing to a lot of people. For one thing because it is being sold on websites in countries where it isWhere to buy Ninebot Mini not supposed to be sold. Last year in the US (and most other countries) all of the units being sold were released by Ninebot for sale in China.

Many people were buying them from China and selling the Ninebot Mini in other places. But again these releases are not initiated by Ninebot for sale in those countries, and therefore are not under the warranty of the country the are being sold in. Buyer beware. If you get it on Amazon you will be much better off.

If you are confused about when I said “the warranty of the country they are being sold in“, let me explain what that means.

Each Ninebot Release to a country is set up so that the scooter will be serviced under the warranty at stations within that country. So how could it be a problem buying Ninebot Minis from China when you don’t live there?

Well for example if you bought a Ninebot that was released in China and you needed it to be serviced under the warranty you would then need to pay to ship your product back to China to have it serviced. Then you would have to pay to have it shipped back and wait long periods of time to send and receive it.  This is obviously not an ideal situation.

Now that we have that clear let’s discuss about the worth of this scooter.

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Ninebot Company Information and Safety Review

Before we get into anything more about the Ninebot Mini (incorrectly spelled 9bot Mini by some people) it is wise to know a little bit about the company as it pertains to the safety and quality of this scooter. Safety is always our #1 factor when reviewing any product. If it’s not safe we won’t recommend it, period.

Why should you care so much about safety the safety of an electric scooter? Along with the 2015 hoverboard craze came the crazy “exploding hoverboards”. Since that time many cheap knock off models that were sold around Christmas and New Years are now catching fire and burning people’s homes down. This is very unfortunate and the reason for the new government requirements and safety standards (part of which is the required UL 2272 hoverboard fire safety certification).

When buying any electronic product containing a lithium-ion battery you should be very careful to make sure that the company making the product is legit and knows what they are doing. Cheap knockoff products contain fake batteries made from cheap dangerous parts that can explode. Having those products in you possession is a major fire hazard and like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off at any moment! That is why the first part of any review we do on electric standing scooters is all about safety first.


Can Ninebot be Trusted to Make Safe Products?

Does Ninebot Make Safe Products

So what about Ninebot? Can they be trusted to deliver quality electronic products? In this case we want to know specifically about the quality of Ninebot Mini Pro. To answer that let’s first look at what kind of experience and backing they have in the electronic technology industry.

Here is some recent history for you. Xiaomi, one of the largest and most established electronics companies in the world (valued at around $40 billion), recently invested $80 million into Ninebot Inc. becoming a major shareholder and partner in Ninebot.

Ninebot Inc. Then acquired Segway Inc. Segway is the most established and trusted electric standing scooter company in the world for over a decade now. These two companies (backed by a multi-billion dollar technology giant) together are poised to create some amazing high tech products in the coming years.

Ninebot is a robotics company that is growing very fast and pioneering new technologies in robotics.

In fact they are working with Intel (one of the world’s largest computer chip companies) on the release of a new personal robot assistant called “Segway Robot”. This revolutionary hoverboard/personal robot butler will probably be released for sale sometime next year (according to what Segway told us over the phone).

This Segway Robot will use artificial intelligence technologies and learning capabilities to perform all kinds of Ninebot Segway Robotamazing functions. In fact it will be a variation of the Ninebot Mini and capable of doubling as a personal transportation device! Our guess is that if you already own the Ninbot Mini you will probably at that time be able to order the robot component as an accessory (which snaps on to the base unit where the steering rod is currently located). Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Anyway we hope that after this brief company history review you can now see the difference with Ninebot. This is a legit company with some serious cash and backing. You don’t need to worry about the Ninebot Mini exploding or catching fire like so many other cheap hoverboards.

Ninebot is a robotics company backed by some of the largest technology companies in the world. And it seems poised to become a multi-billion dollar company in the next few years. Ninebot not going to build exploding products and release them to unsuspecting victims. They have the funds, experience, and infrastructure to use quality materials and to do extensive testing before releasing anything.

Segway and Ninebot products have never exploded or caught on fire when used as directed. They build safe products with high end materials. The products undergo stringent safety testing and certifications. In fact the Ninebot Mini Pro had to undergo 50 rigorous company safety tests before it was released for sale. Even more impressive is that  Segway and Ninebot together have over 400 technology patents developed over 16 years.

And now with the added UL 2272 safety certification for the Ninebot Mini Pro you can be confident in the fire safety of this scooter. Ninebot Mini gets our highest rating for safe hardware. You will see this rating at the end of this review.

Now that we have the most important information out of the way, let’s get into the meat of this Ninebot Mini Pro review.

The rest of this review will cover:
1. Ninebot Mini specs
2. The pros (with a lot of Ninebot Mini vs Hoverboard Comparisons)
3. The cons
4. Our overall rating and verdict for this product.

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Ninebot Mini Specs

Max speedWheelsWeight of UnitBattery
11 mph (18 km/h) 10.5 inch vacuum tires 28 lbs. (12.8 kg) 18650 Lithium-ion Samsung 1200 W

Charge TimeRangeColor ChoicesWeight Limit
4 Hours 13.6 miles (22 kilometers) Black and White 187.4 lbs. (85 kg)

DimensionsMax InclineMotor Maximum torqueMotor Output
54.8 cm x 59.5 cm 15 ˚ 70nm 800 W (instantaneous output 2,000 w)


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What We Love About Ninebot Mini Pro (The Pros)

Ok so now the fun part – telling you everything we love about Ninebot Mini self-balancing scooter and what makes it unique from all the other products out there.

Performance – The Ninebot Mini Pro is Like no Other Hoverboard You’ve Ever Tried

Mini high performance electric strnding scooter

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In case you haven’t noticed already this is no ordinary hoverboard 2 wheel scooter. It is in a class all its own. In fact there is no other product like it on the market. You will see from the review below that it’s probably the most technologically advanced 2 wheel hands free scooter anywhere. In many respects it seems more like a robot than a scooter because of the advanced tech in this thing.

Also aside from the fact that it looks different form all other hoverboards, it is unique because of the way you steer this Segway Mini scooter. Instead of controlling the direction by tilting left or right foot pedals (as you would do with a typical hoverboard) you use a short center control steering rod that tilts. It will move with the slightest touch of the inside of your knees. This center control rod is adjustable to your height. All you have to do is press your knees gently against the pads to tilt the rod in the direction you want to turn. The harder you tilt, the faster it will turn. Mostly you will be using subtle nudges making it very easy and second nature to move around.

Turning Ninebot Mini with center control rod

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The steering rod is ergonomically designed to help your body conform to the needed crouching positon with ease. It is also fitted with comfortable PU foam for maximum comfort.

Nineboy Mini Steering Handle


Why is steering with a control bar a major advantage? With a regular hoverboard you press and tilt down a foot pedal to turn.With this method uneven ground or rough surfaces will many times force the pedals to be tilted. This unwanted automatic tilting causes the board to turn when you don’t want it to. If you have ever tried to ride a hoverboard off-road (or over anything but a smooth surface) you would have noticed this. At the very least this is very annoying. But it can also be dangerous if you lose control in a bad situation (like in front of an oncoming car for example).

In contrast the Ninebot Mini with the center control rod solves that instability problem. So this Mini Riding Over Uneven rocksSegway/hoverboard is more like a real transportation device because it is made to travel outside (unlike traditional electric 2 wheel balance boards).

At first glance you might have mistakenly concluded that the center steering rod is a worse more obtrusive way to control the board. But after you take it outside and see the difference in smoothness and stability of the ride you will be amazed how much better it is for outside riding!


In essence this scooter is built to work on all different kinds of terrain – unlike regular hoverboards. You can even ride it on some types of wet beach sand (like the shoreline for example).

Mini Ninebot Segway riding over mulch path

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And although this is by no means that fastest riding scooter it makes up for that with its ability to travel where no hoverboard can go. And it does it with a much more smoothly controlled and enjoyable ride.

If you like to shoot camera or video footage from a moving scooter the Ninebot Mini is much better than a hoverboard. Because the ride is smoother and more controlled you will be able to get better shots.

And finally we think this balance scooter is pretty fast. On a smooth level ground it can accelerate to almost 5.59 mph (9 km/h) in 3 seconds. Max speed is about 11 mph or 18 km/h. While this might seem too slow for some people, keep in mind that the faster you go the faster you will drain the battery.

The Ninebot Mini seems to maintain a good balance between range and speed by keeping you from going so fast that you drain the battery quicker. While at the same time the max speed is still 4 times faster than most people walk.

If you are tired of playing around with toys perhaps it’s time to graduate to the next generation of hoverboards – ones that give you more freedom to travel where you want to go.


Ninebot Mini Tires Are Far Superior to Most Electric Standing Scooter Tires

Another major difference (compared to most other balance boards) are the tires. The 10.5 inch vacuum tires feel Ninebot Mini Tirestable and smooth over virtually all surfaces. We are not completely clear on the exact construction of these “vacuum” tires but according to our understanding of what a vacuum tire is they are not filled with air. We called Segway to ask for clarification on this point. Because the Ninebot Mini is so new even they have not received complete specs and training on every aspect of it yet. We will update this section in the near future when further clarification is made on exactly what the tires are filled with. Regardless though, the smoothness of how these tires ride and feel is amazing in comparison to other 2 wheel standing scooters.

Normal hoverboards have mostly smaller, harder, and more solid tires that don’t ride well over rough surfaces. The large cushioned wheels of the Mini glide effortlessly over cracks or bumps in the road. And with the custom computer generated tire treads, going uphill or off road is not a problem.

It is a Scooter With Artificial Intelligence That Can Self-Learn

Ninebot Segway AI

Yes you heard that right. We are talking about AI. This is something you probably didn’t expect. And neither did we. With this learning capability it becomes more responsive and performs better to your movements.

Multiple embedded sensors in the scooter, coupled with a software algorithm (developed and perfected over a decade of time), is what makes this possible. The system keeps data and tracks how you move on the device. It will (over time) learn to automatically adjust factors such as brake intensity, acceleration, and control sensitivity so that it is more responsive to how you use it. It is the first smart hands free balance board that is actually “smart”. The longer you use it the smarter it gets.

Because of all the advanced added sensory, control, and suspension systems this hoverboard 2.0 is more like a vehicle robot than a toy. We think it is the most stable and advanced hoverboard sold anywhere and at any price.

Overall as a transportation device the Ninebot Mini is MUCH more stable and easy to control than a regular hoverboard. That’s why we are applying the name hoverboard 2.0. It’s like the next generation of balance boards. Even with all these added features it is still portable enough to easily fit into the trunk of a small car.

Easier to Mount and Learn to Ride Than Typical Hoverboards Because It’s More Stable

Mounting this scooter is just as easy as climbing up steps. Unlike other hoverboards which are balanced and kept upright solely by your own balance, this Xiaomi Ninebot Mini scooter keeps a perfectly balanced upright position making it easy for almost anyone to ride it. It also makes it much safer because most accidents on hoverboards happen to beginners who can’t balance the boards upright.

As long as the board is powered up and unlocked it will keep an upright position all on its own. Even if you step off the unit it will continue to stand upright just like a person.

If you want you can lay it down on the ground to save power. If it’s down for more than 30 seconds it will power itself down. Or if you leave it idle for more than 10 minutes it will also power itself down.

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The Construction is Lightweight, Strong, and Flexible – Resulting in a High Quality Product

The main frame core is built of a super lightweight, high elasticity, magnesium alloy that disperses heat better and offers superior shock absorption (due to the flexibility of the alloy).

Ninebot Mini magnesium alloy Core


The Wheel Hub is also made of a light weight strong alloy consisting of aluminum magnesium.

Ninebot Mini aluminum magnesium alloy tire hubs

Amazon Ninebot Segway

This translates into a smoother ride, and a more durable light weight device. With the lighter weight it is easier to carry (only 28 lbs.).

The Ninebot Mini is not made of any cheap materials. Nor does it feel that way when you ride it. Each material it is constructed from are carefully selected elements for their properties and maximum performance.

Ninebot Mini App for iOS or Android Adds Additional Functionality, Safety, and Features

No tech device would be complete without its own awesome app that you can install on your smartphone. Ninebot has developed its own awesome app. The app controls not only the Ninebot Mini but all of its scooter models.

Ninebot App Stats screen

Ninebot app speed and range screen

Ninebot Mini app LED color settings screen

To install the Ninebot Mini app you will need Android verison 4.3 and higher or iOS 5 and higher. Also the app connects via Bluetooth 4.0 or above. You can download it free from Apple or Google Play app stores. Or you can simply scan the QR code that comes inside the scooter box.

QR code for Ninebot app

We wrote about the Ninebot app on our comprehensive Ninebot One Review page. But we will go over it again specifically in regards to how you can use it for the Ninebot Mini Pro. The app has so many features that we couldn’t possibly write about them all. But we will give the main coolest features.

One really cool feature with the app – it allows you to program the back LED lights to customize the colors and flashing configuration patterns. What is really amazing is that you have 16 million colors to choose from! Any color you can dream of you can put in the LED lights.

Ninebot Programmable LED light colors purple

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Nineot Mini Programmable LED lights color greenAnother cool feature is the app also allows you to remote control the scooter from your mobile device when you are not riding it.

Let’s say for example your Ninebot Mini is across the room and you want it to come to you. Just whip out your smartphone and direct it to where you are. Default max speed in remote control mode is 3 mph or 5 km/h. But you can change the remote control max speed in the app. Max Bluetooth range is 30-50 feet (10-15 meters).

Amazon LED Green Buy Now

The Ninebot app is even hooked up with an anti-theft security system. So you can “lock” the scooter from the app. If anyone tries to move the unit when it is locked a loud audible alarm will sound and the scooter will shake violently. You will get a notification to your mobile device and it will vibrate as well. In addition, when it’s in locked mode the scooter will not balance and so no one will be able to ride it until you unlock it from the app. Just be careful and make sure you don’t run out of phone battery after you locked your scooter. Because you will need the app to unlock it again.

In addition to all that you can control a whole host of things and view stats from the Ninebot app. For instance distance traveled, speed, and battery status. You can even calibrate the sensors from the app.

Another important point to take note of is that out of the box the device is locked into what is called “beginner mode”. In beginner mode the speed limit will be limited. This is for the rider’s safety until they can prove they know how to ride it. This forces beginners to learn and get the hang of the Ninebot Mini before they try getting crazy on it.

If you don’t think this is not necessary we suggest you go watch some “hoverboard fail” videos on YouTube so you can see for yourself how many beginners bust their butt because they don’t know what they are doing. It’s always best to take things slow at first when you have never tried to control  a certain kind of device.

This is just an added safety feature an not really that big of a deal. To unlock safety mode you will need to download the iPhone or Android app which will then guide you through a short step by step on screen tutorial. After you complete this short and easy tutorial the app will then require you to travel 1 kilometer before it completely unlocks the beginner’s mode speed limit.

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The Mini Segway Scooter Is Waterproof

waterproof mini

This personal electric scooter has been tested for its ability to handle water. It is designed to be somewhat waterproof.  It has a waterproof rating of IP54 which means it can handle light water spray from any direction. That means you can ride it in light rain. Unlike many other hoverboards that are basically destroyed if you expose it to any water at all, this device is built well to handle some water. The only caution is not to ride it through puddles greater than 2 centimeters deep. It is not rated for water submersion.

It has some nice built in protections to keep the electrical components from getting wet. Like the front battery charging socket flap.

Ninebot front battery flap with rubber seal

And then the added protection of a rubber seal over the battery charging plug. Make sure you always replace the rubber seal to the battery charging port after charging because it will keep the water out and avoid electrocution.


It’s Portable and Easy to Carry or Push Around

Although it seems a little bigger than a typical hoverboard, due to the height of the center steering rod (which is removable), and the larger tires, it’s really not that much bigger if you take those away.

The steering handle can double as a handy way to carry your scooter. At 28 lbs. (12.8 kg) it’s pretty light for its size and power and most people can pick it up with one hand.

When you lift it up off the ground by the handle the motor automatically disengages so that the wheels stop spinning. This is a nice safety feature that will prevent you from getting tire burned by unwanted spinning wheels, or from getting splattered with mud or water coming off the tires.

How to correctly lift Ninebot Mini

If you place it back on the ground the motor will once again engage and the unit will be able stand upright on its own two wheels. This is great because it won’t fall over like a typical hoverboard and get all scratched up on the ground.

If it seems too heavy to carry (or you just don’t feel like it) Ninebot thought of a handy way for you to pull it around instead. It is called “Power Assist Mode”. The steering arm has a retractable “guide handle” that comes out of the top of the steering rod. You can use this much like the handle that comes out of a suit case to pull your Ninebot around nice and easy.

Ninebot guide handle for power assist mode

Please Note: Never push the scooter with the guide bar. The unit will resist and retract if you attempt to push it. It is only designed to be pulled. Also never lift the scooter by the guide bar. It is only for pulling.

And finally the third way you can move your scooter around when you’re not riding it is with the app in remote control mode as mentioned above.


Ninebot Mini Unboxing is a Great Experience

A common complaint of many people that buy cheap hoverboards is they often times come damaged in the box. That won’t happen with this device. It has solid packaging that protects everything inside the box so it comes to you in a nice shiny new condition.

Ninebot Mini Unboxing and packaging

It comes boxed so it’s easy to unpack. Straight out of the box it has that new car smell.


All you have to do is attach the control rod with ONE snap and you are good to go!

Installing Ninebot Steering rod



 Bright Dual Headlights For Safer Better Riding in the Dark

Bright dual front headlights for mini segway

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beam from scooter headlights shining ahead

Do you hate the heat of the day and would instead prefer to ride at night? Well one problem with many scooters might be that you can’t see where you are going at night. Many typical hoverboards have LED lights in the front that are not very good for shining far enough in front of you so you can see what’s there in the dark.

Well you don’t have to worry about that with the Ninebot Mini. It has bright dual front headlights that shine to make night riding much safer and easy. You will be able to avoid obstacles and other accidents waiting to happen.

Ninebot Mini can detect the light level around it and will automatically turn the lights on when you need them. If you prefer not to have them on you can disable them from the app.


LED Lights Work As Back Stop Lights and Turning Signal Lights

For added safety the back LED lights respond to your movements to alert people behind you if you are stopping and turning. Plus they look really cool and you can customize them with 16 million color choices as mentioned.

Bluetooth, Speed Limit, and Battery Icon on the Front Dashboard Give You Instant Visibility on the Status of Your Scooter

The front dashboard with its icons is a convenient way to keep track of things at a glance.

Mini Ninebot Front Dashboard with icons


The Bluetooth icon on the front dashboard will blink when Bluetooth is activated but not yet connected to your mobile device. That way you know if you can control and monitor it with the app or not.

Min Front Dashboard Labels on icons

When the speed limit icon is illuminated you know that a speed limit is activated. That means by default the unit is limited to 4 mph or 7 km/h. But the speed limit can be adjusted in the app.

When the battery is less than 30% (indicated by 2 bars on the battery level icon) your mini will gradually reduce the max speed limit to save power and make the batter last longer.

When the battery is less than 10% (indicated by one bar on the battery level icon) the max speed will then be limited to 4 mph or 7 km/h. The app will also tell you the remaining power and estimated remaining mileage. This way you will always know how much power you have left. This is great to keep you from getting stranded somewhere with no battery power. It’s never fun to have to carry or push a powerless scooter for long distances.

Front Dashboard on Ninebot Mini black color

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There are literally so many features on this Ninebot Mini balance scooter that we could write a book about it. Hopefully this review was sufficient enough to give you all the main features that you are probably most concerned with.

What We Don’t Like About Ninebot Mini Pro (The Cons)

We don’t have too many cons to write about because this scooter is such a great device. But there are some that may be a deal breaker for you.


We Don’t Like the Low Ninebot Mini Weight Limit

ninebot mini weight limit 187.4 lbs.

Update July 2016: We are happy to announce that the new UL 2272 Certified model of Ninebot Mini Pro now has a weight limit of 220 lbs or 99.79 kg. So the below information about the 187.4 lbs weight limit no longer applies. 

One deal breaker may be the weight limit. The Ninebot Mini weight limit is 187.4 lbs. or 85 kg. This is a lot lower than most hoverboards which have a weight limit of around 250 lbs.

If you are slightly above that you might not have any problems. But it will void the warranty if you break it due to your weight. We have not tested it with higher weight. So if for example you are 50 lbs. heavier than the weight limit we don’t know if it would eventually break the scooter.

At the very least it might end up draining the battery so that you have to replace it. If you weigh more than 187 lbs. we suggest you call Segway and ask them about that. So if your weight is above the weight limit buy it at your own risk. Also it may be that the new version set for release in mid-June 2016 will have a higher weight limit. It is does we will update this section.



 After Long Riding Periods it Might Be Difficult to Keep Crouching

One negative aspect to using the knee rod to steer (instead of just the footpads like a regular hoverboard) is that you will have to crouch slightly to steer it. After long periods of crouching it can get tiresome. It would be nice if they had an option to switch to foot pedal steering so you can stretch your legs.

Luckily most people don’t plan on riding for more than a few hours at a time. Usually the crouching should not be too much of an issue for most people for how they plan to ride it. Another point about this is that the more you ride in that position the more endurance you will build up. So you should be able to go longer and longer the more you do it without feeling any strain.


Be Careful Riding It Through Puddles

We would have liked to see the ability to ride it through deeper puddles (In case it accidentally goes in deeper water, not because we recommend it). The specs say don’t ride in anything deeper than 2 centimeters. But in rainy conditions puddles can get deeper than 2 centimeters and you could accidentally find yourself in a puddle deeper than what you thought it was. Basically you just have to be careful and avoid going through any puddles.

But avoiding puddles is generally wise advise anyway.

Avoid riding through puddles

We could show you the second sequence in this mishap but it’s not pretty.

The Price of the New Ninebot Mini Will Go Up

Update 6/1/2016:

Ninebot Mini is now available for Pre-order on Amazon exclusively for its release. The price is exactly what we were told it would be. You can order it now for $999.00 and have it shipped July 1st 2016:


Update March 22 2017:

The price of Ninebot Mini Pro has now gone down SIGNIFICANTLY. It is no longer $999.00 and has gone down hundreds of dollars. Please click the button below to check the new discounted pricing on Amazon.


Check Ninebot Mini Price On Amazon



Last year the Segway Ninebot mini was released at a price of $1000. For a device like this we feel like that price at that time was very reasonable. Many scooters being sold at higher prices can’t do half as much as the Ninebot Mini. But now you are in luck because the price is MUCH cheaper now than when it was released last year.



The Final Verdict on Ninebot Mini Pro


Overall we don’t have much negative to say about this product. It is an amazing scooter with a boatload of cool and useful features not found on any other balance board. So much so that we don’t even have space to write it all. If you made it this far down the review then congratulations – You just read practically an entire book about Ninebot Mini!

White Segway Mini

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Some of the main standout points are:

It is made of space age high performance materials.

The advanced AI technologies and sensors on this gadget are literally mind blowing.

And finally Ninebot products are backed by some of the biggest technology giants on the planet. They have the money and the knowledge to make some amazing things happen for the scooter and personal transportation device industry. As a result the Ninebot Mini Pro is one of the safest, best built, and best performing scooters on the market.

We highly recommend it and have no choice but to give it the highest rating in almost all counts.

Ninebot Mini Pro

Ninebot Mini Pro









          Customer Service



            • Rock Solid Experienced Tech Company
            • Super safe product that will be UL 2272 fire safety certified
            • Warranty against manufactures defects
            • The most stable and best performing 2 wheel electric standing scooter
            • Superior 10.5 inch vacuum tires and steering built for outside travel
            • Artificial Intelligence (improves its responsiveness over time)
            • Much easier to mount and learn to ride than regular hoverboards
            • Constructed of the highest quality lightweight performance materials
            • iOS/Android app (remote control, status, and security system)
            • Waterproof


            • Low max weight limit
            • Can’t drive through puddles (non-submersible)
            • Crouching position could get tiresome for some people (but not likely for most)
            • Price for the new release model will be going up because of higher quality

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