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Are you looking for information on the Ninebot One unicycle scooter?

If so then you landed on the right page. These days with a product review article it’s hard to get all the info you need in one place . Often times you have to go searching the internet on dozens of sites to get all the facts. Well not today you don’t. We have included EVERYTHING about the Ninebot One scooter.

This review is probably the most comprehensive Ninbot Review you will find anywhere on the net.

With this review you get a complete Segway Ninebot One breakdown including:

  • Information about the company
  • Safety information
  • Warranty information
  • All the specs of the models
  • The pros and cons
  • And much more!

In addition we are going to tell you the differences between the Ninebot One C, C+, E, and E+ models. Also there is additional info at the bottom about the all new Segway Ninebot One S1.

Just so you know some people spell it “Ninebot 1”. The correct spelling is “Ninebot One”. Or Segway One.

 If you are looking for info on  Ninebot One P Pro review please note that this model has been discontinued and is no longer being produced. Therefore we see no reason to give a review on it.

Before we go any further with this unicycle product review we have added a comparison chart below for your convenience. It includes the Ninebot One and the all new Segway S1. The Segway S1 is the new more advanced Ninebot One. We have also included other similar products you might want to look into which many people who like Ninebot One also liked. Please feel free to click the image links in the chart or the text links. Another tab will open up in your browser to get you more info including pricing.


Ninebot One Proudct Comparison Chart

Image LinkProduct NameColorList PriceRating
Ninebot OneWhite$$$$★★★★★
Segway One S1White$$$$★★★★★
Segway Ninebot miniPRO (Black)Black$$$$$★★★★★
Ninebot One Anti-dust Bag  C C+ E E+Silver$★★★★
EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter HoverSpace Grey$$$$$★★★★★
SWAGTRON Hoverboard (Blue)Blue$$$$★★★★★
Decal Stickers for Ninebot One E E+ Avengers Captain AmericaMulti-Red$★★★★
Pop Skin Decal Stickers Cameo for Ninebot One E E+Multi-Green$★★★★
Pop Skin Decal Stickers for Ninebot One E E+ Avengers IronmanMulti-Red$★★★★
Pop Skin Decal Stickers for Ninebot E E+ Design WoodMulti-Brown$★★★★
Ninebot One Wheels Training WheelsLight Blue$★★★★
Segway Ninebot MINIPRO Control Handlebar (BALCK)Black$$★★★★
Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard (White)White$$$$★★★★★


About the Ninebot Segway Company

The Ninebot One standing unicycle scooter series is produced by Ninebot Inc. a parent company of the recently acquired Segway company. As you may or may not already know Segway is the original corporation that (14 years ago) gave birth to the first electric standing scooters.

Those later evolved into what we now know as the hands free 1 and 2 wheel electric standing scooters. So there is no longer any Ninebot vs Segway because they have joined forces and are now part of the same main company.

Ninebot One E+ pedals upBuy Ninebot from Amazon

Ninbot Inc. is a robotics company that received investment funding from Xaiomi to purchase Segway in 2015.

Xaiomi in turn is a multi-billion dollar technology giant and one of the largest producers of smartphones in the world.

Ninebot is unique in that it is one of the few companies making electric standing scooters who actually have a background in technology.

You should take notice of this because the quality control of electric standing scooters in the last few months has become a MAJOR problem.

Electric standing scooters have been exploding, catching fire, and burning down houses. This is mostly due to inexperienced startup companies (with no technology experience whatsoever) outsourcing the manufacturing of these devices to random Chinese factories. Many of those factories have resorted to using dangerous cheap batteries and parts. Cheap lithium-ion batteries or substandard chargers have the potential to cause explosions and fires!

Having said that you can rest easy knowing that Ninebot is now part of Segway, the leader in scooter vehicles for the last 14 years. Because of this we can be sure they are not going to outsource to those factories making the fake cheap knock off products.

This is one of the few instances of a personal transportation device where the brand name tells us a lot about the safety of the products.

Safety should be your #1 concern when you are thinking about getting an electric standing scooter. Whether it is 1 or 2 wheels makes no difference. The technology that is used inside them is practically exactly the same. And therefore the fire hazard is the same. You need a safe product, period. Price and features should come second to this very important factor.


Ninebot One Specs

Next you will obviously want to know the specifications for each Ninebot Model.

The first table shows what all Ninebot One models have in common.

Then tables 2 through 6 show the differences in all the models.

You will notice that they all look exactly the same. However they have slightly different weight, speed, and range differences. The main component making the difference is the power, weight, and charging time of the battery packs. But the construction of all other parts is basically the same.

NameAvailable ColorsHeightClimbing AngleMax WeightCharger
Ninebot One
(All Models C, C+, E, and E+)
Porcelain White Finish or Glossy
Black comes standard. Huge
range of additional skins.
16 Inches 15° to 30° ~120 kg
~265 lbs
120W with input of AC100-240V


Models C, C+, E, and E+ Comparisons

C (Top Speed)C+ (Top Speed)E (Top Speed)E+ (Top Speed)
~14-16 kmh
~9-10 mph
~17-20 kmh
~10.56-12.5 mph
~18-20 kmh
~11-12.5 mph
~18-22 kmh
~11-14 mph
C Power (Watts)C+ Power (Watts)E Power (Watts)E+ Power (Watts)
450 450 500 500
C (Full Charging Time)C+ (Full Charging Time)E (Full Charging Time)E+ (Full Charging Time)
Within 1 Hour Within 2.5 Hours Within 2.5 Hours Within 4 Hours
C ~ RangeC+ ~ RangeE ~ RangeE+ ~ Range
~10-15 km
~6-9 miles
~20-25 km
~12-16 miles
~22-30 km
~14-19 miles
~30-35 km
~19-22 miles
C (Weight)C+ (Weight)E (Weight)E+ (Weight)
~12.8 kg
~28.21 lbs
~13.8 kg
~30.42 lbs
~13.8 kg
~30.42 lbs
~14.2 kg
~31.30 lbs


As you can see from the above tables the E and E+ models are the way to go, especially E+. For about $100 more you get significantly higher power, speed, and range. It seems like a no brainer to us.

Please also keep in mind that the figures given above are approximate and indicated by the ~ symbol. For example one reason for this is because range and speed are dependent on the weight of the person riding, the power left in the battery pack, the terrain, and the slop or incline. Your actual results could be slightly higher or lower depending on those factors.

Ok so let’s get more down into it now. Below we are going to get specific on what we love and hate about Ninebot One. Then we give an overall perspective weighing the pros and cons.

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What We Love About Ninebot One


1. It Looks Amazing


  • At first glance you will notice that Ninebot One has a very sleek futuristic and appealing look. In our opinion it is the nicest looking of all unicycles (so you can travel in style).


  • It has a retractable carrying handle for better aesthetic appeal.

Ninebot handle


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  • Adding to the futuristic look are dazzling programmable led lights located on both sides. You can set these party looking lights to pulse or circle in different crazy colors and patterns. Or you can turn them off completely. The color choices allow you to choose virtually any colors you can imagine. You can literally choose between tens of thousands of color choices!


2. We Love the High Quality Construction Materials


  • The unit has a very solid sturdy dense feeling. It does not feel like a hollow piece of cheap plastic.


  • The outer shell is made from Lexan Plastic which is a polycarbonate polymer. This type of plastic has an excellent balance of unique properties for stiffness, hardness, toughness, impact resistance, and weathering resistance. It is a very strong resilient plastic that also blocks electric shock and heat.


  • You can choose from a huge array of skins to change the look and feel of your scooter. Just order additional different styles and color skins for different unique looks. Then quickly snap them on. The three examples below are just a sample of many many more unique available shells. If you scratched it or scuffed it up, it’s no problem, just get another skin for a brand new out of the box look. It is quick and easy!



Buy Ninebot 1 Skins from Amazon



Segway Ninebot One Batman Design Decal Stickers

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Buy Ninebot Wheel Decal Sticker Design from Amazon

Buy Segway Decal Sticker DMK design on Amazon

Pop Skin Decal Sticker DMK design from Amazon


  • The foot pedals and frame are made from the AZ91D Magnesium Alloy composition for a super lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant unit.


  • In addition the pedals are a little higher off the ground than some other unicycles. This allows you to lean harder for a tighter turning radius and better maneuverability. They are equipped with anti-skid grip pads.


  • Just above the pedals are soft pads on both side for your legs. These help to grip and cushion your ride for better comfort, and more control.


  • The tires are not solid but contain air inside a tube. This air provides a much more cushioned smoother ride, both on and off road. Also controlling the air pressure in the tires you can customize it to ride better on different surfaces.


  • The unit is one of the most waterproof unicycle scooters on the market. Surprisingly it can be used in wet conditions and inclement weather (although not recommended to submerse in water such as a deep puddles).

waterproof unicycle electric scooter

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  • The Ninebot One has an IP65 waterproof rating meaning it can be sprayed with low pressure jets from any direction and not sustain any damage. That means you can also wash it off with a hose to clean it.


3. It is Self-Charging


  • Ninebot One has a unique feature that allows it to charge itself while breaking or going downhill. This gives you a longer lasting battery life between charges! Just be careful that you don’t start out going downhill on a fully charged battery. This could cause it to become overcharged and thus it will automatically shut itself off because of the built in safety features.

self charging


4. Ninebot Comes With a Fully Functional Advanced Smartphone App

Ninebot App Main Screen

Ninebot iPhone Bluetooth Remote Control

Ninebot App stat screen


  • With the Ninebot app for both iPhone and Android you can do some pretty cool things. Like customize the default ride settings – including speed limits, LED light colors, and LED flash patterns.


  • The Ninebot Bluetooth enabled app has live a speedometer, wattage specs, range, compass direction, and heat readings. It also shows you how much battery life remains on the device, and can even be used as a remote control!


  • You can sign into the Ninebot app from either a Facebook account or you can create a new app account. You can then use the app if you wish to connect and communicate with other Ninebot users all over the world.

Ninebot Segway S1 Side View

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5. Best Electric Unicycle Ride Experience 

  • Ninebot One models are some of the smoothest riding unicycles on the market. They can climb 15 ° to 20 ° angles easily and quickly. Many people have even successfully climbed steep inclines up to 30 ° although the company does not make claims to this ability.

smoothest unicycle ride

6. Ninebot One C, C+, E, and E+ Warranty

  • All Ninebot One models come with a 1 year warranty against manufactures defects. With the exception of the 1 year warrantybattery and tire.


  • The battery is warranted against manufacturer’s defects for a period of 180 days after purchase. And the tire and tire tube for 90 days after purchase.





7. You Can Purchase Many Different Fun And Useful Accessories to go Along With Ninebot One

  • One of the things that makes is so fun are all the different accessories that you can get for the unit. Some of these include Ninebot Training Wheels, Skins, and a mounting attachment bracket for things like lights or even a camera.

Ninebot One Training Wheels Accessories


Training Wheels for Ninebot Unicycle Amaozn

Check Design Decal Ninebot Sticker

Check Design Sticker Decal Amaozn

Design Decal Sticker for Segway Ninebot

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What We Don’t Like About Ninebot One


  • We think it is a little bigger than it looks in most pictures. However the scooter will still fit underneath your shopping cart or a seat for example.


  • The closed bottom design near the tire could potentially cause small rocks or other foreign objects to get caught and cause rattling noises. This could potentially be more of a problem with off- roading. If this happens to you turn the unit upside down and gently shake it to dislodge the objects. Then you should be good to go again.


  • It might take a little longer to get to top speeds than some other unicycles but the top speed is higher for the E and E+ models (however we feel the acceleration was still plenty fast).


  • It can take 1-4 Hours charging time depending if the battery is completely empty and which model you have. So it’s not the fastest charging unicycle. But the battery pack has a larger capacity than some other one wheel scooters which is probably the reason it takes longer to charge. Also it is safer to charge slower, so less of a fire hazard. This point could be either negative or positive depending on how you look at it. In addition their is an option to purchase an upgraded Ninebot charger that can charge in half the time and you can also purchase additional batteries so you don’t have to wait to charge.


  • Some people report problems connecting the Ninebot app to their phones Bluetooth connection. Since most do not have problems connecting we believe this is most likely due to a problem with the smartphone or phone settings rather than the scooter or app.


  • The Ninebot prices are a little higher than some other brand names. But this is more than made up for in the quality of the product. You won’t find a better quality unicycle scooter anywhere. The saying is true in this case that “you get what you pay for”. When it comes to an electric scooter you do not want to shop based on price. Cheap unicycle scooters are a dangerous fire hazard.

Our Final Thoughts for This Ninebot One Review

Overall the Ninebot One gets our highest possible rating for appearance, features, quality construction, functionality, and safety.

These are all of the most important features to consider in buying a 1 wheel electric standing scooter.

The Ninebot One series is our #1 top pick for electric one wheel unicycles in 2016. It is a well-made safe product backed by some very large experienced technology companies.

Most hoverboards and unicycles are made by inexperienced new companies who have no business making electronic products. Ninebot is not some fly by night one wheel kickstarter product. We have confidence this is a high quality safe product you can trust. And for that reason the Ninebot One cost is well worth the higher price tag.

If you are looking for the best of the best this is it. It is the Cadillac of electric one wheel scooters.

Update March 22 2017:
Segway One is the New Ninebot One!

Click the image to see Pricing.

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Ninebot One

Ninebot One









          Customer Service



            • Top Shelf Look
            • Trusted Experienced Technology Company
            • Long Mileage Range/ Fast Top Speed
            • 1 Year Warranty
            • Numerous Safety Features
            • Constructed of Top of The Line Durable Materials
            • Waterproof Can Be Hosed Down
            • Self Charging
            • iphone |Android App
            • Remote Control/Bluetooth


            • Bottom Design May Catch Loose Objects
            • Costs a Little More
            • Longer Charging Time Due to Increased Battery Capacity

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