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If you landed on this page you are probably looking for a review or some good information on the Yuneec E-Go electric Longboard Skateboard.

You are going to get all the info you need right here. The good, the bad, the ugly. Everything you would want or need to know about this product is all on this one page.

In the last few years electric battery powered skateboards have exploded onto the scene. And for good reason. They are a blast to ride. With so many to choose from we all want to know what the best one is.Well the truth is there is no easy answer to that. It really all depends on exactly how you plan on using it.

For example are you a speed demon looking for the fastest electric skateboard?

Or maybe you mostly just need it to travel to the bus stop or to the local store. In that case the range or traveling distance would be the most important factor to you.

Or maybe you don’t care about speed or range and want to most comfortable ride.

In all honestly nothing is ever that simple. We want to have it all. Unfortunately no one product is the best at So many electric Skateboards to chooos fromeverything. The fastest way to find what is best for YOU is to look at all the features of all the available comparable products. Then decide which one has the most of what you need or want.

Look at all the pros and cons so you can then make an informed decision to determine if a particular product best fits out of all the other options available. Only you can decide that. So we want to give you all the tools at your disposal to do that.

We have endeavored to create the most comprehensive Yuneec E-GO electric skateboard review out there. We are giving you all the information down to the last detail so that you will be able to decide if you think this E-GO electric skateboard is the right fit for you.

So let’s get started.


NameDiameter of WheelsWeightRiding Time
Yuneec E-GO Cruiser Electric Skateboard 90mm 13.9 lbs. 6.30 kg. Up to 3 hours

Charging TimeRiding Range/Top SpeedWeight LimitBattery Type
Completely drained battery about 4 hours Range: 18.64 miles (30 km) Top Speed: 12.42 mph (20 km/h) 260 LBS (117.934 KG) Lithium-ion

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What We Love About The Yuneec E-GO Cruiser Skateboard (The Pros)

E-GO Battery Powered Skaetboard Side view

The Price 

  • The Yuneec E-Go Cruiser electric powered skateboard is one of the lowest priced longboards but has just as many features and positive aspects than other products that cost twice as much.


 E-GO Cruiser Range and Speed

  • Out of all the electric skateboards on the market this ones seems to have the best balance of BOTH speed and range. It is not the fastest, but it is also not the slowest. Being the fastest is not necessarily good because faster boards usually have LESS range. The battery drains quicker when you go faster. So the best balance is ideal for most people.


  • What is does have the most of is range. Yuneec E-GO Cruiser can go farther between charges than most battery powered skateboards. At the same time it is faster than other comparable products that have the same range.

Man riding E-GO skateboard


  • A fully charged battery can typically go about 18 at 13 mph on flat surfaces. But like all electric transportation devises the speeds and ranges can vary depending on your weight, the inclines you are traveling over, and the surface of the ground.


  • Steeper inclines over prolonged periods will drain the battery faster. The heavier you are, the faster it will drain as well. The smoother the ground is the longer the battery will last. Rough off road terrain will drain the battery faster.


  • The remote will vibrate at 25% charge to give you a heads up that the battery is draining.


  • But again we want to stress the strong point here that the Yuneec E-Go range is farther than almost any Yuneec Skateboard Side bottoom viewother board. It can go almost twice as far as some of the other electric skateboards that have faster top speeds. For example some boards go up to 20 mph but can only travel 10 miles in comparison.


  • We wanted to see examples of how far and fast different people of different weights can go on this board. Many of the reviews we read showed that it does quite well even for some moderately heavy people. For example a 230 lbs. man reported that he can go up s 10%+ incline easy with 12+ miles range. Another man at 260 lbs. reported traveling on the board easily and getting close to top speeds.


  • We feel like the Yuneec E-Go Cruiser electric battery powered longboard skateboard is one of the best options out there for a personal transportation device. The four wheels make it very stable for most people once they learn how to ride a skateboard. And it travels at a fast enough speed to get you where you need to go within a reasonable amount of time.


  • The light weight 13.9 pounds makes it easy to carry under your arm upstairs or around town if you run out of battery juice.


  • Overall it is a nice board design for “cruising travel” not high speed adrenaline. Therefore it is one of our top picks for practical transportation.


  • If you use public transportation or want to take a short trip to the store this is one of the best ways to get where you want to go. And With this board those days of walking one mile to the bus stop are over!

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Quality of the Yuneec E-Go Cruiser, Construction, and Features

  • The battery and motor underneath is sleek and unobtrusive. When someone is riding the skateboard you can barely see it.

Yuneec E-GO skateboard bottom of board



  • The big 90 x 52 mm polyurethane wheels create a smoother ride and maximum traction. Even on rough off road surfaces it does a fairly good job.

E-GO Cruiser Wheels


  • The larger wheels which are orange 804C with a hardness rating of SHR83AA are not too hard and so can cushion large bumps. You can easily go over large cracks in the driveway for example with relative ease.

Yuneec Wheels side view


  • However watch out for objects with protrude upward such as a large stick on the ground or tree root. Hitting such objects could cause you to be thrown forward off the board. Always watch where you are going. As with any transportation device it is only safe if you stay aware and alert while you are using it.


  • And last in regards to the wheels (in case you are wondering), the wheel bearings are high quality Abec # 9 bearings if that means anything all to you. People that know skateboard wheels will know what that means. But suffice it to say these are not cheap bearings. The end result is a very smooth working bearings with a quality ride that will last a long time.


  • The deck is extremely flexible with good grip tape for that classic longboard feel. For anyone used to regular longboard skateboarding you get much of the same feel and functionality with this electric skateboard. It is just a real blast.


  • The deck is made of 8 layers of strong Canadian Maple plywood for the maximum flex and durability. You won’t be able to break this board in half easily if at all. We can assure you of that.

Maple Wood Electric Skateboard Deck Flexing


  • You can skateboard uphill with ease on inclines up to 25 to 30 degrees. We think that’s really cool. If you were ever a regular non-electric longboard skateboarder you know what a pain it is to try and skateboard uphill. Not to mention you look like a fool.


  • It has a built in USB port for charger your devices or remote underneath the board

E-GO built in USB charger


  • Need more power between charging times? The board is self-charging using an ingenious “regenerative braking system”, meaning when you slow down the system charges the battery. This will help to prolong the battery life.


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The Yuneec E-Go Cruiser Skateboard is Easy to Control with Different Modes for Your Level of Experience

  • The board comes with a wireless remote control that is designed perfect for the hand. The remote control has a unique design that allows you to control the speed and acceleration with a one of a kind slider switch. You slide it up and down for acceleration and stopping.

E-GO Remote Control top view

E-GO Remote Control side view

  • This unique form of control feels very intuitive and second nature to most people. You don’t have to think too hard to control it. In fact it is very different from some other remote control boards which use large obtrusive trigger like remotes which can eventually tire you hand having to squeeze it for long periods of time.


  • The remote feels very sleek and compact in your hand to the point where you barely know you have it. It allows you to control both the speed and torque of the motor. It also comes with a safety wrist strap so you won’t accidentally drop your remote.


  • The LED colored flashing light on the front of the remote shows you your remote and board charged status by how many times each color blinks. A blue flashing color light is for the remote charged status and green is to indicate the skateboards charged status.


Electric Skateboard Cruiser Charge status lights

  • Acceleration of the board is pretty fast and has two modes of acceleration. The two modes allow you to control the torque of the motor:
  1. Eco Mode (The slowest acceleration setting)
  2. Sport Mode (The fastest acceleration setting)


  • One warning to take note of is that Eco Mode tends to not break as soon as you try to slow down the board. It is designed that way so that you don’t get thrown from the board if you are a beginner. Give yourself a little more time to break. Don’t use Eco Mode for traveling. Only use it for learning how to ride. For established riders we recommend that you always use Sport Mode once you learn to ride and control the board.


  • Also it has 2 modes of top speed:
  1. Fast or “Rabbit” Mode will take you up to 20 km/h or 12.42 mph
  2. Slow or “Turtle” Mode will take you up to 13 km/h or 8.07 mph


  • Be careful with that fastest setting that you don’t get thrown off the back of the board when first staring to move forward. The best way to take of in Sport Mode is to crouch down slightly with your back knee slightly forward. That way your center of gravity is more stable.


  • You can kick to get the board going just like a regular skateboard if you want. In our opinion this is the best way to get going so you don’t get thrown backwards (especially if you are in Sport Mode).


Yuneec E-Go Cruiser Has an iPhone App

  • The second way to control the board is with an iPhone app you can download. It connects to the electric skateboard via Bluetooth. The boards speed and forward movement can be controlled with the app and it also shows stats such as speed, distance traveled, and charged status.

iPhone app3

Yuneec E-GO iPhone app control speed

E-GO iPhone app front screen


  • Unlike hoverboards or electric unicycles this is a four wheel skateboard. So you can safely go down steep inclines or hills at MUCH faster speeds than you can with electric standing scooters. If you love more speed going downhill then this is the device for you.

going downhill fast on an electric battery powered skateboard


Yuneec E-GO Has Great Customer Service

  • Most people report very good and friendly customer service. When you call on the phone during business hours you can always get a hold of someone. They are very good about taking care of warranty issues. If something goes wrong they will send you a shipping label for free shipping to send to them where they can then repair the board and sent it back to you.


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What We Don’t Like About The Yuneec E-GO Electric Skateboard (The Cons)

  • No E-Go Anroid App. This was really surprising to us. Although you don’t need the app to control the board it is nice to be able to see things like your speed and range with the app. We really hope the company fixes this.


  • Top speed is lower than some other electric skateboards. But like we said it more than makes up for this with the range in traveling farther. But if all you want is speed you may want to check out one of our other Best Electric Powered Skateboard reviews for products that have a faster top speed or acceleration.

E-GO Cruiser Skateboard Motor Closeup


  • There have been some reports of system failure after extreme prolonged use. But if it fails you can sent it into the company and they will repair it for under that warranty with free shipping.


  • As with most all electric skateboards you are dependent on a remote control or app to control the board. So make sure you don’t damage your smart phone or remote.


  • Don’t drop the remote repeatedly. If you damage the smart phone or app controlling it, or if you run out of power for the phone or app you might find yourself riding on and uncontrollable projectile.


  • This is why the board comes with a USB port for recharging your remote and phone. Make sure you check the battery life of your control so you don’t suddenly run out of juice and find yourself unable to stop the board!


  • Many people have reported that the Bluetooth from the smart phone app had frequent disconnects. This is usually caused by having other people with smart phones near you or other Bluetooth enabled devices in your pocket.


  • If you are concerned about this we recommend that you don’t use the app for controlling the board. Instead stick to the remote control which is much more intuitive to operate anyway where you don’t have to look at a screen.


  • When you first unbox a brand new Yuneec E-CO Cruiser skateboard the trucks are too tight making it difficult to turn. We recommend that you loosen them a little with the included wrench tool that comes with the skateboard.

E-GO Trucks


  • Some sporadic individuals have reported bad customer service. But this had not been our experience. As is the case with most all companies you will occasionally get incompetent or bad attitude customer service reps. However, this problem does not seem to be the norm for Yuneec E-GO. Most people give positive reviews of this company’s customer service.


  • This board is built for cruising. Unfortunately many people use it for a lot more than that. If you read the reviews you will notice that some people report malfunctions starting to happen several months after purchasing the board. And yet other people never have a problem.


  • Why this disconnect? This is because many people who love to ride regular non-electric skateboards get these and think they can treat it the same way. They try to do crazy tricks that impact the board severely. You are NOT supposed to cause high impacts to battery powered electronic devices.


  • If you are going to get this board or any electric skateboard don’t try and jump ramps with it or do other crazy stuff. You will most surely then end up with a frown on your face when the board stops working. Again the same is true of any electric skateboard. You have to know its limits. Treat it smart and enjoy it for years to come. But skip the ramp jumping and half pipes if you want it to last.


  • You can do some awesome carving and turning on the E-GO longboard, although not as fast as a non-electric longboard skateboard going downhill. It is good for going downhill but the wheels are not free spinning. It would be nice if the wheels became free spinning once the motor is shut off. But eventually if you turn down the acceleration while going down steep hills it will break more and more. This is the case for all other electric skateboards we know about.



Final Thoughts On Yuneec E-GO Cruiser Longboard Skateboard (The Verdict)

Overall we have to give this board a high rating for quality, safety, unique superior features, a great balance of functionality, customer service, and price. Coming in at literally HALF the price of some other similar electric skateboards this is a great deal for many people who don’t want to spend big bucks to get a reliable personal transportation device. The board had the look and feel of a traditional non-electric skateboard providing much the same fun riding experience but with an electric motor.



Yuneec E-Go Cruiser Skateboard

Yuneec E-Go Cruiser Skateboard









          Customer Service



            • Low price
            • Good range and speed with very long range balance of
            • Great device for personal transportation, great for cruising travel
            • Sleek design built with high quality materials
            • Bigger wheels with excellent traction and smoother ride
            • Flexible high quality maple wood deck for a classic longboard feel
            • Good customer service that takes care of repairs and warranty
            • Remote controlled/iPhone app
            • Can go uphill on steeper inclines of 25 ° to 30 °
            • Can handle heavier people


            • No Android app
            • Slower speed than some other electric skateboards
            • Dependent on remote control so if that fails could be a problem
            • Some people reported Bluetooth connection problems with the app
            • Like all battery powered devices is not built for high impact tricks or maneuvers
            • System failures have occurred but has a good warranty that can repair

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