Radical MOOV Hoverboard by Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban’s New Radical Hoverboard Design is Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen

  Remember Mark Cuban bursting onto the hoverboard scene for a brief period? It was like he barged open the doors and yelled “I’m here!”. But then he suddenly disappeared as fast as he appeared. It was a very odd development to say the least. You might know Mark Cuban as the investor billionaire and […]

Hoverboard Battery that Exploded

Hoverboard Battery Explodes in Tri-Cities Badly Burning Over 50% of Unsuspecting Victim’s Body

  On April 16th 2017 early Sunday morning a hoverboard battery exploded in the Tri-Cities WA area. A man who is yet unnamed was the unfortunate victim of this terrible explosion. It happend as he was changing the battery in the scooter device. The man sustained sever burn injuries covering over 50% of his body. […]

Swagtron Hoverboard Prices

Swagtron T1 and T3 Hoverboard Reviews – An in Depth Look At Both Models

Click Here Now to Buy Swagtron   Swagtron or Swagway as it was formally known, is part of a next generation hoverboard evolution. In this Swagway Swagtron review discover what makes it tick. You will learn why it is  better, safer, faster, and higher quality than it ever was before. Of course no product is […]

Banned Hoverboards

Hoverboards Are Banned On Airplanes – But How About Riding Your Suitcase?

Many people will remember how rapper Wiz Khalifa was slammed to the ground and arrested at the airport for refusing to get off his hoverboard. Most Airports airlines have banned hoverboards. And some airports to. It is understandable that many people were (and still are) disappointed about hoverboards being banned because getting around an airport […]

Ninebot One vs Airwheel X series Unicycles Comparison

Airwheel x8 vs Ninebot One – Differences? Which is Better?

Ninebot One and Airwheel X8 are both popular electric battery powered unicycles. We have done extensive long reviews on both of these one wheel scooters. But many buyers still find themselves confused on which is the best for them. So we wanted to write a short quick article to point out some of the main […]

No More Hoverbaord Explode

Safe UL 2272 Certified Hoverboards Hitting The Market

  We are thrilled with so many new hoverboards hitting stores that are finally UL 2272 safety certified. Such as the Ninebot Mini Pro N3M320 model. This is great news for the industry and for consumers alike. Many more are set to hit the market soon. Such as the Razor Hovertrax  that has the UL 2272 certificate, but […]

Airwheel X3 and X8 unicycle scooters side and top view

Airwheel Mars Rover X3 vs X8, X5, and X6 Electric Unicycle Scooter Comparisons and Reviews

   Click Here to Check Airwheel Prices Are you ready for an Airwheel Review? If so you’ve probably been looking into getting one for yourself. It’s amazing to see how far the technology has come for these electric self balancing little scooters. Just 5 years ago no one ever even heard of a “self-balancing” unicycle […]

UL 2272 official seal

Ninebot Mini Pro – First Hoverboard Certified Under UL 2272 Safety Standards

  With all the hoverboard fires and explosions going on we have  been eagerly awaiting the release of the first scooter to be certified under the new UL 2272 safety standards for several months. Something had to be done to stop the madness, along with all of the scam artists and fake knockoff hoverboards being […]

Yuneec E-go Electric Longboard Review Image

Yuneec E-Go Cruiser Electric Skateboard Review

  Click Here Now to Buy Yuneec E-Go Cruiser or to View Prices     If you landed on this page you are probably looking for a review or some good information on the Yuneec E-Go electric Longboard Skateboard. You are going to get all the info you need right here. The good, the bad, the […]

Hoverboard Price How much does it cost

How Much Does a Hoverboard Cost – Should You Get a Cheap Hoverboard?

  Are you considering a cheap hoverboard? Recently the popularity of hoverboards or electric standing scooters has exploded to become the latest craze. It is the hottest gadget everybody wants to get their hands on. Naturally, if you are thinking about buying one you will want to know how much they cost. The truth is […]

Banned Hoverboards

Hoverboard Laws Review – Where Are They Are Banned or Restricted?

  Let’s talk about hoverboard law for 2016 and beyond. As is often the case with personal transportation devices many countries, states, cities, universities, airlines, airports, and malls are making rules and laws to either restrict or ban hoverboards. One main reason for this is due to the increasing fear related to instances of hoverboard […]

Sneak Peek Into New Hoverboard UL Safety Certification Standards

  At the time of this writing Amazon and other big box retailers have temporarily removed all hoverboards from their shelves and are no doubt awaiting Underwriters Laboratories (UL) safety certifications. UL is an independent scientific laboratory responsible with scientific safety testing on consumer products. The move to remove the boards from store shelves comes […]

$10 Million Dollars’ Worth of Counterfeit Fake Hoverboards Were Seized by Authorities

On January 27th 2016 US Customs and Border Protection seized 16,000 counterfeit hoverboards with fake trademarks and names on them. They were worth an estimated $10 million. This was the largest seizer up to that time. Another 300 fake hoverboards were seized before that at a port in Miami worth an estimated value of $94,000. […]

Powerboard by Hoverboard 2 wheel electric scooter silver chrome

Powerboard by Hoverboard Scooter Review – The Most Information You Will Find In One Place on Powerboard Anywhere

  If you are looking for a top to bottom Powerboard by Hoverboard review then search no further. We are going to break open the box to show you what’s inside. This review will cover everything about Powerboard by Hoverboard. What’s the first thing you should always check for in a hoverboard review? The most […]

Uncle Sam Wants YOU to report defective hoverboards

Great News for Hoverboard Safety – CSPC Sets Safety Standards

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has stepped in to set regulations for the manufacture of hoverboard safety standards. This is great news for all of us! CPSC is an independent federal regulatory agency in the US responsible for keeping consumers safe from unreasonably dangerous products that pose a risk of serious injuries or death. […]