Banned Hoverboards

Hoverboards Are Banned On Airplanes – But How About Riding Your Suitcase?

Many people will remember how rapper Wiz Khalifa was slammed to the ground and arrested at the airport for refusing to get off his hoverboard. Most Airports airlines have banned hoverboards. And some airports to. It is understandable that many people were (and still are) disappointed about hoverboards being banned because getting around an airport […]

Airwheel X3 and X8 unicycle scooters side and top view

Airwheel Mars Rover X3 vs X8, X5, and X6 Electric Unicycle Scooter Comparisons and Reviews

   Click Here to Check Airwheel Prices Are you ready for an Airwheel Review? If so you’ve probably been looking into getting one for yourself. It’s amazing to see how far the technology has come for these electric self balancing little scooters. Just 5 years ago no one ever even heard of a “self-balancing” unicycle […]

Sneak Peek Into New Hoverboard UL Safety Certification Standards

  At the time of this writing Amazon and other big box retailers have temporarily removed all hoverboards from their shelves and are no doubt awaiting Underwriters Laboratories (UL) safety certifications. UL is an independent scientific laboratory responsible with scientific safety testing on consumer products. The move to remove the boards from store shelves comes […]

$10 Million Dollars’ Worth of Counterfeit Fake Hoverboards Were Seized by Authorities

On January 27th 2016 US Customs and Border Protection seized 16,000 counterfeit hoverboards with fake trademarks and names on them. They were worth an estimated $10 million. This was the largest seizer up to that time. Another 300 fake hoverboards were seized before that at a port in Miami worth an estimated value of $94,000. […]

Powerboard by Hoverboard 2 wheel electric scooter silver chrome

Powerboard by Hoverboard Scooter Review – The Most Information You Will Find In One Place on Powerboard Anywhere

  If you are looking for a top to bottom Powerboard by Hoverboard review then search no further. We are going to break open the box to show you what’s inside. This review will cover everything about Powerboard by Hoverboard. What’s the first thing you should always check for in a hoverboard review? The most […]