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Have you been reluctant to buy a hoverboard because of all those “hoverboard riding fails” video clip skits you’ve been watching on YouTube? We can’t blame you. Some people had some pretty bad falls. And as funny as some of those might look on YouTube it can be very serious in reality. From head trauma to broken bones you can be seriously injured from falling the wrong way no matter what you are riding.

So if you are not someone with good balance or you’ve had enough of falling you might want to think about getting a more stable hoverboard seat hookup. We have seen some ingenious contraptions that were devised for sitting on scooters originally made to stand on (hoverboard seats), but none that were actually practical for everyday use.

Fortunately all that seems to have changed now with this nifty little go cart like hoverboard seat attachment device. It turns hoverboards into hoverboard seats!

You won’t believe how well this funny little amazing seat attachment works to give you a totally relaxing and comfortable traveling experience.

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If standing upright or trying to do so, on your hoverboard gives you vertigo, then boy, do we have the perfect product for you. In an effort to truly maximize the amount of time spent on your rear, BoatsToGo has come out with a new invention that promises to make a hoverboard safer, or at least more fun. Meet the HoverCart, the product that turns your hoverboard into what, to be honest, looks a bit like a mobility scooter or perhaps a magical lawn chair.

While BoatsToGo claims that the conversion results in more of an “ingenious mini-vehicle — a bit like a go-kart but easier to drive,” this description may be a bit of a stretch given the logistics of the whole enterprise. You see, you’re still using a hoverboard as a basis — you know, those devices that have been at the center of recalls, fires, and explosions for the last several months. Really, you’re just attaching to it an aluminum frame with a set of back wheels, and then accessorizing with any number of items. Want a beach chair? Have at it. Prefer a bicycle (but without the pedaling)? The world is your oyster. And if you’re getting really creative, you can even add an umbrella.

Thank God for innovation.

BoatsToGo notes a number of benefits to its new HoverCart, including its navigability, which does indeed sound quite impressive. “Navigate the hoverboard using only your feet; it can even reverse,” the website says. “The HoverCart can be used on or off-road, and can ride over grass, gravel, and packed sand.”

The Cart is also described as practical — you can use it to “transport bags, boxes, groceries, or a paddle board, or use it to transport heavy or awkward tools.” Ostensibly, however, you’d only be transporting these things from your car to your doorstep. Because really, you can’t go on a highway with this thing, and you might want to think twice about being seen in public with it at all.

And of course, BoatsToGo notes, the HoverCart makes your hoverboard safer. Because sitting is indeed far safer than standing. (Of course, so is lying on a sofa.)…..

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Update July 28, 2016:

For many months the HoverCart HoverSeat was sold out. But now it is available for you to purchase on Amazon. 

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Hoverboard Seat - HoverSeat

Hoverboard Seat - HoverSeat









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            • Easy Relaxing Seat for Traveling
            • Can Go Off Road
            • Carry Heavy Objects for Miles With Ease
            • Don’t Get Tired
            • Look Really Cool and Draw Attention


            • You Have To Have a Hoverboard Scooter To Attach To
            • Will Only Go As Far and As Fast As Your Hoverboard Can Go

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