Hoverboard Fire Resistant Charging and Storage Bag Review


Get the peace of mind from having this fireproof storage and charging bag as a necessary extra layer of protection against the risk of fire hazard or explosion. If you are buying a hoverboard standing scooter or already own one YOU NEED THIS! Keep reading below to find out why you absolutely need this.

Hoverboard 2 wheel electric standing scooter fireproof charging and storage bag

52 hoverboard fires and explosions have occurred in the US in just the last few months. This is due mostly to the production and sale of substandard cheap products. Unfortunately there is no way to know if the product you bought in the past is at risk until it malfunctions!

In addition to the risk that comes from buying a poor quality item made from substandard parts and manufacturing processes, your hoverboard can also be at serious risk due to abuse and mistreatment of the device. Unfortunately many people who get their new toy have no idea how to treat it properly so that it will continue to operate in a safe manner.

Electric standing scooters are not meant to be treated like a skateboard where you can engage in high impact activities. Severely impacting the board in some way can cause the battery pack to become damaged, and therefore dangerous and hazardous. A damaged or punctured lithium-ion battery pack can spontaneously combust causing fast spreading fires and sever bodily injury. This is the case with any and all electronic devices that run on batteries.

Therefore no matter what kind of hoverboard you have (safe or unsafe) purchasing this fire resistant storage and charging bag can be one of the best decisions and investments you ever make in your life. Do you self a favor and get this bag now!


SizeMaterialColorsShipping Weight
24" Long x 9" Diameter Z-Block Fire & Smoke Resistant Fabric Army Green or Fire Engine Red 3 lbs (1.36 kg)


  • Comes attached with 2 nylon carrying straps and buckle closure.

Hoverboard storage bag side view


  • Bag size will accommodate up to an 8 inch wheel diameter. Will not fit a 10 inch wheel.


  • The Z-Block fire resistant material this bag is made from is of the highest quality and made from the same lining used to make industrial fire curtains and air cargo fire containment covers.


  • This hoverboard storage bag has passed all US and international fire resistant testing standards including:
    1. ASTM D6413 Vertical Flame Resistance
    2. ASTM E-84 Surface Flame Spread & Smoke Density
    3. ASTM F955 Molten Metal Splash
    4. FAR 25 Appendix F Part III & IV Flame Penetration Resistance & Smoke Density
    5. BSS 7239 Toxicity of Products Combustion

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Watch this video to see how a burning hoverboard was totally consumed and destroyed inside this bag and yet left the outside of the bag COMPLETELY INTACT:






Hoverboard Fire Resistant Charging and Storage Bag

Hoverboard Fire Resistant Charging and Storage Bag









          Prevents Fires



            • Will keep your house from burning down
            • Keeps fires contained inside the bag
            • Very affordable
            • Contains smoke to avoid smoke damage
            • Has all fire resistance testing certifications
            • Portable and can go with you anywhere


            • Their is no downside to this bag!
            • You will only benefit from it

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